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    what are your other hobbies besides audio??

    Gaming, mechanical keyboards, everyday carry and bags (so more expensive hobbies :sweat_smile:)
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    What is your favorite video game?

    World of Warcraft Dota Battlefield 3 CS:GO
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    Favorite French Fries

    Yesss I can't get enough of their curly fries!
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    What improvements would you like to see on the next Nintendo Switch?

    Graphics and frame rate. You don't notice it sometimes because of the art style but I think Nintendo games have so much potential to look even more amazing if they improve the graphics.
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    Gaming mouse for large/big hands?

    The Logitech G403 has a raised hump in the back where your palm rests, so it might be good for large hands.
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    Best game soundtrack?

    World of warcraft, especially from the cinematics and cut scenes
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    Amp, dac & preamp recommendation

    Hi, I am currently using an O2+ODAC combo connected to a Schiit SYS to switch between my headphones and powered monitors. I am thinking about upgrading to the JDS Labs Element II for the larger volume control knob (the one on the SYS is pretty small for my preferences) and was wondering if...
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    Philips SHP9500 Discussion Thread

    Is there a way to make the fit tighter (maybe alter clamping force?) for these headphones besides switching to thicker pads?
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    Are you a console or PC gamer?

    Mainly pc but switch for portable and couch gaming!
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    Which headphones do you use for PC gaming?

    Currently using the HD6XX. Interested in upgrading for something with wider sound stage though.
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    Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

      Hi, just wondering how loose was the fit of the AD900x pads on the r70x? Did they stay in place or would they wiggle around?