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  1. cash68

    Economy Car Suggestions Please

    Buying a brand new car is the absolute DUMBEST investment you can make. You lose thousands of dollars instantly, and it rapidly depreciates in the first few years of ownership. Get something 3-5 years old, that was well maintained. Also, again, for the value, get a Honda. They hold resale...
  2. cash68

    My Car is a Lemon

    Yeah... no offense dude, but why did you buy the S package if you never drive fast?
  3. cash68

    Need ideas for college pranks.

    Quote: Originally Posted by DanTheMiataMan Epic movie... Enhance your calm. :P
  4. cash68

    Need ideas for college pranks.

    Quote: Originally Posted by vYu223 Seriously? Really? That's it? Only two pages? There's got to be more college head-fi'ers on here who are willing to contribute I've got class in a few minutes, but I'll try to post something later. I would agree with you, but it turns out...
  5. cash68

    Good knife set?

    Chicago Cutlery, full stainless handles/tangs everything. Works good for me for a few years, only cost about $89 or so.
  6. cash68

    Need a clever idea to get a speaker

    Take the damn thing and leave a $20 bill where it sat.
  7. cash68

    Help: Converting AAC to Apple Lostless

    No, it is not possible. You have removed the information when you compressed it, you cannot go "backwards" to a lossless source.
  8. cash68

    Congrats to Jeff Gordon and Hendrick Motorsports

    I cannot stand Nascar. It is the dumbest form of racing around.
  9. cash68

    The Car/Motorcycle/Motorsport/Anything fast enough to do something stupid in thread!

    Well, I bit the bullet. Today I spent $7900 and purchased this: One of only 300 imported. 1995 Audi S6 Avant, Emerald Green with Ecru leather interior. 20v Turbocharged 2.2 liter inline 5 cylinder, making 230hp with about 245 ft lbs of torque. Car has 101k miles, with fresh timing...
  10. cash68

    Question about selling a car... kinda tricky.

    So I'm selling my SVX to make room for an Audi S6 Avant. Good trade IMHO. Anyway, found a buyer for my SVX, but they want the windshield fixed (cracked last week). I have a $500 deductable on that car, so they want me to replace the glass with my windshield, then give me an additional $500 when...
  11. cash68

    My Windows XP is COMPLETELY fracked!

    Weird you say that snake... I dual boot from OSX to Windows all the time, no issues. >shrug<
  12. cash68

    CADIE: a new technological frontier

    It was posted 1 second before April Fool's dude.
  13. cash68

    ComputerPro's Temper Tantrum

    I'm not sure where I broke any rules with this thread, nor have I had a horribly condescending attitude like you, ComputerPro. You have spoken down to me, set up strawman arguments, inferred that I am complete moron, backed up this thread on your hard drive to 'save' it, posted it on digg...
  14. cash68

    ComputerPro's Temper Tantrum

    Quote: Originally Posted by marvin It's possible that you and your circle of friends are doing something horrifically wrong with your PCs. If probability can't explain it, there's likely a reason why your set of experiences are severely out of line with the general power user...
  15. cash68

    Sony MDR V700s with FREE SUBARU $2000

    Yep. Buy the headphones for $2000 and you can have my Subaru. More info here: 1992 Subaru SVX, rare, fast, MUST SELL TODAY
  16. cash68

    How much to pay for a 5.5 Gen iPod?

    I'd avoid any of them with a HD. I'd only buy one if it was cheap, then just sell it on ebay.
  17. cash68

    ComputerPro's Temper Tantrum

    Quote: Originally Posted by Computerpro3 Now logically, seeing as the hardware is nearly identical between newer Mac's and PC's, the only variable left is the software. EXACTLY. Hence my question. I've seen a lot more failures when running windows on my own machines, as well as...
  18. cash68

    ComputerPro's Temper Tantrum

    Quote: Originally Posted by roadtonowhere08 These threads are insane. Cash: I will give you all the answers you asked on this issue, and that will be that. We can then let this thread float away on a burning viking longboat like it should have pages ago... Higher percentage of PC...
  19. cash68

    ComputerPro's Temper Tantrum

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dzjudz cash: nobody cares, really. One person does. He backed up this thread on his server, and voted for it by himself three times on Digg!
  20. cash68

    ComputerPro's Temper Tantrum

    Oh noes internet nerds pretending to be bullies!!!!! RUNZ!!!! >rolls eyes< Sad.
  21. cash68

    My Windows XP is COMPLETELY fracked!

    The last few replies don't sound like hardware issues at all. Paging screws up your HD? And the solution is "reformat and reinstall"? Ugh. Good luck.
  22. cash68

    My Windows XP is COMPLETELY fracked!

    Quote: Originally Posted by walkingman What has hardware failure got to do with the OS war? I don't see how the symptoms of lag and whatnot are a hardware failure. Sounds like an OS failure, with problems with drivers, or something. Hardware failure= it wouldn't work very well...