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    Sony Sony WH1000-XM3 - Great condition - only used in offices, at home and in airplanes 250 + shipping USA
  2. AlwaysForward

    Audeze Mobius

    Audeze Mobius $250+shipping
  3. AlwaysForward

    Audeze Deckard (USA)

    Great condition, 350+shipping
  4. AlwaysForward

    DELETED - Wrong Section

  5. AlwaysForward

    Blue Sadie $200 - like new

    Blue Sadie, like new / excellent condition with box and case-candy. I'm a lover of the Blue sound but since I got an LCD, these aren't getting enough rotation at home.
  6. AlwaysForward

    FS: Bowers & Wilkins PX $250 + Shipping

    B&W PX which has been kept in excellent condition. Comes with the original box and am looking to keep shipping within the US.
  7. AlwaysForward

    Master & Dynamic MW50+ Convertable On & Over Ear Wireless w/ Beryllium

    These sure got my attention: Wireless Outstanding build MW50 already had stellar reviews with "wide soundstage" despite being an on-ear Flexibility for both On & Over is probably what might push me over the edge...
  8. AlwaysForward

    ORA GrapheneQ - The world's first Graphene driver headphone

    Might as well start a thread since I imagine we'll be talking about these when they launch. I did quite a bit of reading on them and am an early tech adopter type so these are a project that really piqued my interest. Relevant Links Official website: Kickstarter...