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  1. redrol

    Thieaudio Voyager 14 (SOLD)

    I'm upgrading to a different set and I am happy I got to try these out. They are basically mint condition. I do NOT have retail stuff as this is the first pair sold (yes really), only the 2 cables shown and the tips and cases. All included obviously. $850 + shipping CONUS only
  2. redrol

    Sold: FIIO FH7 Barely used (2 hours) Mint condition.

    Nearly brand new/ used for 2 hours. Everything included. Mint condition. Sold.
  3. redrol

    The PowerAmp for Android thread I recommend trying the Beta channel: I looked a bit and never saw a thread dedicated to PowerAmp on android. IMO the best portable audio software for a phone and why it might deserve a thread for itself...
  4. redrol

    FS: BGVP-DM6 in Light Clear Blue