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  1. jackwess

    Audio Technica ATH-M50x Vs. Beyerdynamics Custom One Pro

    I'd go for the Beyers, given their flexibility. 
  2. jackwess

    The Video Game Music Thread

    Playing Black ops 2 for the second time, this song is amazing (specially if you are using the right headphones)   
  3. jackwess

    Need help building a PC...?

    Lazyboy, you need to state a budget for your build, i guess you want advice for the main components. 
  4. jackwess

    m50x's for gaming?

    If you need accuracy they are not recommended. For non-Fps (racing games, etc) they are good :)
  5. jackwess

    USB DAC/Headphone Amp

    The meridian explorer is a good unit, i take it over the Dragonfly anytime.    Which headphones you own btw? 
  6. jackwess

    Playing FLAC over wi-fi from hard drives (Mac connected) to IPad 3

    Onairplayer is a good a alternative. Not sure if it plays Flac files though. 
  7. jackwess


    A good one @zorrofox, never thought using track pumps as a headphone stand.    I'm building one with an old HDD. Similar to this one:  
  8. jackwess

    Burson 4th Gen discrete opamps

    Burson recently announced their new Generation of HD opamps, as a soundcard user they caught my attention.       What are your opinions? 
  9. jackwess

    Scary Music

  10. jackwess

    A40 vs "custom"

      A bit late i guess.  Let us know how do you find the 545's. 
  11. jackwess

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    The amazing spiderman 2  -  7/10  (Not so amazing, miss the old spidey)
  12. jackwess

    New Tisbury Audio Challenge Amp 1

    Not bad. Reviews have been appearing everywhere, would like to see it compared with something like the soloist SL. 
  13. jackwess

    Cleaning finger prints/oils from brushed aluminum faceplate

    WD40 has given good results personally when cleaning brushed aluminium faceplates. 
  14. jackwess

    Best Headset for Gaming Enthusiasts?

    Hello and welcome!   This guide should help you to get started and give you some ideas.
  15. jackwess

    Desktop Amp for DT880 600Ohm

    I suggest the Bravo audio V2. Cheap, looks nice and makes a good match for Beyers. 
  16. jackwess

    How can I use a headphone amp when my system is across the room from my chair?

    Welcome to head-fi   If you don't like long extension cables.:    A- A headphone amp with remote control B- Wireless headphones
  17. jackwess

    are the xiaomi piston good?

    There's a thread devoted to the Xiaomi pistons, you can look for places where to buy legit ones   Most of the comments are positive. I'm even considering to buy a pair :)
  18. jackwess

    Looking for tips on buying a new headset.

    Or the HD558 which is cheaper, and the Xonar DGX if you want gaming effects. 
  19. jackwess

    A40 vs "custom"

    I see you need positional accuracy for FPS and such. The HD558's suit you better. 
  20. jackwess

    Hearthstone heroes, unite!

    This is the kind of game i want to play when i'm travelling. Does this have an android version? 
  21. jackwess

    Logitech ue6000 or Ath m50

    Dented box items are products whose outer box has been scratched, dented or have some minor damage on it. Usually they are offered at a lower price with full warranty. 
  22. jackwess

    Help finding the right closed over ear cans

    Focal spirit one comes to mind. 
  23. jackwess

    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    I'm a big Fan of the Fallout Series and it has a great modding community. They have achieved much over the years, i hope this dream come true soon. 
  24. jackwess

    MSI Gaming 3 VS Xonar DG

    Both chips are respected, the Realtek and the Cmedia found in the DG.    It will depend on the design and components used. Seems like certain motherboard manufacturers have improved on that aspect. 
  25. jackwess

    Looking for a good MUSIC media player for PC!

    Been using Foobar for the last 4 months and it's great.    and KM Player mainly for video playback.