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  1. Richiyaado

    Reply to review by 'Richiyaado' on item 'HiBy R3 Pro'

    Good review! I presume it's for the Pro, and not the Pro Saber version.
  2. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    I've had an occasional issue with the regular R3 pro. A couple of times, I've had to update the db twice before the newly-added music will appear.
  3. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    Instead of Tidal, I use Qobuz, but the HiBy R3 Pro works for either. Make sure your WiFi is turned on, then hold down the fourth icon from the left on the top menu (either the Tidal or Qobuz icon) until a little gray dialogue box appears where you choose one or the other. Select Tidal and you...
  4. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    I think what I might do is carefully letter 'Saber' on the side of my regular HiBy R3 Pro, and because my memory is so bad, I won't know which version I have!
  5. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    The great thing about my iPod Classic (what I purchased the R3 Pro to replace) was that Apple stopped making them, so I used it for years without having to obsess over not having the latest model... Now, though, I have to obsess again!
  6. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    Well, the whole point of me buying the HiBy R3 Pro was to replace my much-used, but increasingly fiddly iPod Classic without spending a bundle. So I bought one and, maybe the day after I received it via Amazon, I saw the announcement of the 'Saber' version... Sheesh! So maybe in 5-6 years, I'll...
  7. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    I found the address for WWOZ... the independent, listener-supported station here in New Orleans (and Guardians of the Groove), and successfully added it to the radio.txt list on my HiBy R3 Pro. Here it is, if anyone else might like to add it: WWOZ, Be...
  8. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    I'm no audiophile, either (my ears are too old). I purchased the R3 Pro to replace my 7th gen iPod Classic because I got tired of fooling with it, updating it, etc. With the array of headphones I have (Koss Porta Pros <---> Meze 99 Noir), I'd say the bass is better when listening to my own music...
  9. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    Okay, after fiddling around, I discovered what the problem was. Somehow, the time and date settings for the Hiby were lost, and after setting the proper date and time again in system settings, Qobuz worked again.
  10. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    Until today, my Hiby R3 Pro was working well with everything… I subscribe to Qobuz, and today when I tried to listen to a playlist, I got an error message that reads: HTTP error code:400 Bad request I have tried logging in and out of both my WiFi and my Qobuz account, but nothing seems to...
  11. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    I guess this would be the Hiby R3 Pro Pro then, leaving me stuck with just the plain ol' pro.
  12. Richiyaado

    ABYSS Top Of The Line videos

    Am I entered to win the headphones now? Or do I have to run over to YouTube to enter?
  13. Richiyaado

    FiiO Music Survey Questionnaire

    I'm on IOS and don't use the music app, but I did get a Fiio BTR5 recently, and use the Fiio Control app for that... it seems to work very well. I don't really know what difference the various filters make so, as a Leonard Cohen fan, I picked slow.
  14. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    I don't think the R3 Pro supports Spotify... only Qobuz and Tidal (plus some internet radio). I've never subscribed to any of the streaming services beyond the trial periods, but do sometimes listen to free Spotify on my phone... mainly Spotify Stations. I like it, but could do without them...
  15. Richiyaado

    Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

    I'm reallly just trying out streaming since I got the Hiby... past the trial periods for Tidal and Qobuz, I don't know yet whether I'll continue to subscribe to either. There are dropouts from time to time, and there is no way to reduce the file size (except subscribing to the cheaper version of...
  16. Richiyaado

    FiiO M6-Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, FiiO Link, USB DAC, USB audio out, aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

    Hi all, It's been some time since I've participated on Head-Fi, but I'm thinking about getting a portable DAP like the Fiio M6 to replace my beloved, much-used iPod Classic. I don't care for IEMs, so my primary headphones would likely be Koss Porta-Pros at 60 ohms... and sometimes my Meze 99...
  17. Richiyaado

    Any New Orleans area Head-Fi members?

    Hello all,   I'm in the Marigny, and thought I'd say hello. These days, I primarily use headphones for portability, and have the Beyer DT 1350. In the past, I had a pair of T1s, but sold them (they sounded great, but I just wasn't using them much). If there's ever a meet around here, I'd...
  18. Richiyaado

    Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo - Discussion and Impressions Thread

    I do... the DT1350s are the best-sounding portable headphones I've ever had. Combined with the CLAS and Rx2, it's a dandy rig!
  19. Richiyaado

    Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo - Discussion and Impressions Thread

    I think I found the right thread for posting this... anyway, here goes:   iPhone 3GS > MOG > Adele's "21" > CLAS > Rx MK2 > Beyer DT1350 = Hoo Mama!  
  20. Richiyaado


    I had a Sig P238, and thought it was a great little pistol (sort of a mini 1911)... brought it to the range, and it shot like a dream... accurate, little recoil, etc.. Yet, in the end, I wasn't really comfortable with a SA for CC, so I sold it.
  21. Richiyaado

    Beyerdynamic DT 770/600 OHM

    Beyer DT 770 (600 OHM). About 6-8 months old, less than 50 hours of use. Perfect condition. $160. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fee.
  22. Richiyaado

    (SOLD) NuForce Icon HDP (black)

    (SOLD) NuForce Icon HDP is about 6 months old, and works perfectly. All accessories included. Shipped Conus plus PayPal fee.
  23. Richiyaado

    Beyerdynamic T1 Headphones (Sold) DT 770 still available

    Beyer T1 headphones are about 4 months old... probably around 50-75 hours of use. Ordered directly from Beyer USA, and in perfect condition. Includes fitted aluminum case (recently noticed a vertical hairline crack in the case... assume it happened during shipping from Beyer). $850 Conus plus...
  24. Richiyaado

    Japan is the headphone paradise, and here's the proof

    Mechakucha na ongaku totemo warui... Yamada Denki! (My version of the incessant in-store jingle they play.)
  25. Richiyaado

    Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo - Discussion and Impressions Thread

    When it first came out, the Solo was in a CLASs by itself, now joined (or so I hear) by the Fostex DAC/Amp combo. I purchased the entire ALO combo (Solo, RX, cables), and couldn't be happier. I could understand someone comparing apples to apples (Solo vs Fostex), but not apples and oranges (Solo...