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  1. RomalusIV

    Audeze Mobius Copper very good condition (CLOSED)

    Any chance you still have these for sale?
  2. RomalusIV

    Vokyl Erupt

    No chance you still have these?
  3. RomalusIV

    umm.. my cat has been licking the tubes of my headphone amp (while it is powered off thank god)

    Cats gonna cat for sure - unless things have changed, regulator tubes are made out of borosilicate glass (basically Pyrex) which is non-toxic. Fitz is probably licking them because they're warm and new to him, and it's not going to do any harm to the tubes as long as cat slobber doesn't get into...
  4. RomalusIV

    DROP + THX Panda Announcement

    The more popular an item is, the more likely Drop is to have it as 'Shop' item - at least as far as I've seen in the past. You're probably ok to wait, there will definitely be availability on the used market or the Drop store.
  5. RomalusIV

    Opinions: IEM for competitive gaming?

    I think if you're playing at a level where soundstage and audio clarity are legitimate advantages, you're probably going to be better served by over ears. IEMs are great, but the cost of a pair with a soundstage comparable to over ears would be exorbitant
  6. RomalusIV

    Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (3/10/2020: Updates to Audeze LCD-1, Mobius, Fixed Missing Images)

    I definitely appreciate it, I'm not opposed to spending some money for a high quality solution. I had a pair of HiFiMan HE400's that I liked a lot, so I'll definitely have to look more at the Sundaras and see if I can try those out locally anywhere. With so many good options though, analysis...
  7. RomalusIV

    Usb 2.0 or usb 3.0

    Yeah there's really no advantage using USB 3.0 vs 2.0 in this scenario. Unless you're transferring a large amount of data, the're no major gain
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