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  1. Nautrachkfriend

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon 4 pin XLR - 2.5mm (Susvara) 10ft

    Up for sale is my 10ft Moon Audio Silver Dragon for the Hifiman Susvara. The amplifier end is terminated with a Furutech 4 pin XLR. This cable retailed at around $500. I'm selling this cable because I don't have the Susvara at the moment. This cable brings a lot more out of the Susvara compared...
  2. Nautrachkfriend

    Topping D10 *SOLD*

    Up for sale is my Topping D10 dac. I am getting rid of the D10 because I have the Topping D90. The Topping D10 is a wonderful starter dac. My D10 is in perfect condition both aesthetically and functionally. I will eat PayPal fees and shipping fees. *CONUS ONLY* Please feel free to message me...
  3. Nautrachkfriend

    Genuine Beyerdynamic T1 Pads (new) *SOLD*

    Up for sale are some new, genuine, Beyerdynamic T1 pads. I will cover shipping cost and PayPal fee. *CONUS ONLY*
  4. Nautrachkfriend

    Fan-Less Intel NUC (Windows 10) *SOLD*

    Up for sale is my Fan-Less Intel NUC. It’s using a D54250WYK board which includes an i5 processor, 8GB ram, 128GB SSD, all housed in a custom AKASA case for 100% dead silent operation. It’s currently running a copy of Windows 10, but can obviously be swapped to anything from AudioLinux to Roon...
  5. Nautrachkfriend

    JDS Labs Atom *SOLD*

    Up for sale is my like-new condition JDS Labs Atom. I used the Atom briefly to compare it against my TT-2. It holds up pretty well, but obviously not quite as good as something 60x the price. I will cover PayPal fees and shipping. *CONUS ONLY*
  6. Nautrachkfriend

    Adam Audio T7V (Pair - New) *SOLD*

    Up for sale is my brand new pair of Adam Audio T7V’s that haven’t even been opened yet. The reason I’m selling them is because I decided that my T5V’s were good enough for my current setup and that I didn’t need the extra headroom the T7V gives. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Only for...
  7. Nautrachkfriend

    ZMF Aeolus *SOLD*

    Up for sale is my ZMF Aeolus. I'm selling my Aeolus because it's a tad too dark in the upper mid-range for my taste. I guess I'm just way too into the clinical sound of the HD800/Beyerdynamic lineup. They are virtually brand new, no flaws, beautiful finish. The package will include the suede...
  8. Nautrachkfriend

    Beyerdynamic T1 V2 Silver *SOLD*

    Up for sale is my excellent condition Beyerdynamic T1 V2 in silver. They sound wonderful, better than the black edition T1 that I tired. They have been in a pet-free and smoke-free home. Selling because I wanna try other gear out! Includes: Beyerdynamic T1 V2 Silver Stock Quarter Inch Cable...
  9. Nautrachkfriend

    Woo Audio WA22 w/ tube upgrades *SOLD*

    Up for sale is my excellent condition 1st gen WA22. It was built Feb 2018 right before Woo switched to gen 2. I have $600+ in tube upgrades, and will be selling all together as a package. Includes: 1x Sophia 274B ($170) 2x Sophia 6SN7 Grade A ($180) 3x Tung Sol 5998 ($350) (One of these tubes...
  10. Nautrachkfriend

    Focal Utopia (1 month old) *SOLD*

    Up for sale are my Focal Utopia’s. They are 1 month old and in perfect condition. Just selling to continue expanding my audio horizons. CONUS only please and feel free to PM any questions.
  11. Nautrachkfriend

    Audeze LCD-3F (PayPal and Shipping Included in Price) *SOLD*

    Up for sale are my Audeze LCD-3F's. They have been in smoke free environments their entire lives as well as pet free. There are some tiny cosmetic marks on them, but still in pretty decent condition. I believe these are 2015 LCD-3F's, but I have to contact Audeze to verify. I have the original...
  12. Nautrachkfriend

    Jamo C91's SOLD

    Up for sale are my Jamo C91's. They are fantastic "satellite" sized speakers for the price. Only selling because I upgraded to the Scansonic MB-1. They are in like-new condition with all original accessories and packaging. *Price Includes shipping and PayPal fees* *CONUS Only*
  13. Nautrachkfriend

    Modi MB PP+Shipping Covered CONUS *SOLD*

    Looking to sell my Modi MB for obvious reasons that can be seen in my signature. My Modi MB has a small scratch pictured below and only 3 rubber feet on it. Other than that she is flawless. I'll eat PayPal fees and shipping to compensate for some of the flaws as well as keeping the price a...
  14. Nautrachkfriend

    Like New Unmodded HD 800 *SOLD*

    Up for sale are my unmodded HD 800's in like new condition. I decided to sell the HD 800's to pursue a different sound after getting rid of my WA-22 tube amp. As I said before they are in like new condition, no scratches, dents, wear on the finish, unmodded, etc. They are basically as if they...
  15. Nautrachkfriend

    WTB: Sennhesier HD800 *Found one*

    Looking for a pair of HD800's to pair up with a new tube amp. Please message me if you are thinking about selling them. Thanks in advance!
  16. Nautrachkfriend

    Schiit Jotunheim W/O Dac *SOLD*

    Selling my Schiit Jotunheim (No DAC) because I've down graded to the Magni 3 for the time being. The Jotunheim is in perfect condition and perfect operating condition, basically like new. Includes the Jotunheim, original box, power cord, and manual. Only shipping CONUS and as mentioned in...
  17. Nautrachkfriend

    SOLD: Schiit Jotunheim (AMP only) 115v

    Up for sale is my Schiit Jotunheim (AMP only.) The amp is in perfect condition and is only a few months old, I am the original owner. SOLD I will bite the PayPal fee and shipping cost. Message me if you have any questions, thanks!
  18. Nautrachkfriend

    SOLD: Schiit Modi Multibit 115v

    SOLD Up for sale is my Schiit Modi Multibit. It's in perfect condition and only a few months old. I will bite the PayPal fee and shipping cost. Message me if you have any questions, thanks!
  19. Nautrachkfriend

    SOLD Sennheiser HD800S

    Looking to sell my HD800S. They are in nearly perfect condition minus a small scratch on the left side of the headphones from the cable connector. (First picture below, hard to tell from a smartphone camera.) Includes: HD800S Balanced Impact Audio SPC Cable Stock 1/4" Sennhesier 3m Cable *I...
  20. Nautrachkfriend

    Like New - Focal Elear

    Up for sale is my nearly brand new pair of Focal Elears.   I bought the Elears recently, about a month ago and they are pretty much everything I expected them to be. Extremely dynamic headphones that are quite impressive for their price range. However, I am selling my Elears to further my...
  21. Nautrachkfriend

    Hifiman Edition X V2 *Sold*

    Up for sale is my beautiful pair of Hifiman Edition X V2's   I bought the Hifiman Edition X V2s brand new due to the lowered price and updated materials, I am the original owner. The reason I am selling these headphones is due to the fact that I can't find many good uses for them and that I...
  22. Nautrachkfriend

    Schiit Modi Multibit (115v)

    Up for sale is my Modi Multibit 115v   I got the Mimby a couple of month ago, its a great little dac for the price. Unfortunately I need funds for a computer rebuild so it has to go! Cosmetically the Mimby is perfect and functionality wise it is perfect as well.   Includes: Original Schiit...
  23. Nautrachkfriend

    Audeze LCD-2 (Pre-Fazor 2.2)

    Up for sale is my Audeze LCD-2 Pre-Fazor 2.2   I got these headphones a couple of months ago and love them! Unfortunately I need funds for some computer repairs so they have got to go! There are zero cracks in the wood, but there is 1 or 2 very minor scratches a long the side of the headphone...
  24. Nautrachkfriend

    Forza AudioWorks 3m Claire Hybrid HPC for Audeze Headphones + 4 Pin XLR

    Like the title states, this is a balanced Forza Audioworks 3 meter Claire Hybrid headphone cable with 4 pin XLR for Audeze headphones. The cable is only a couple of weeks old and is in perfect condition. This cable adds a bit of sparkle to the highs and extends the lows, I thoroughly enjoyed it...
  25. Nautrachkfriend

    HE-400i with Extras

    Selling my HE-400i's with new 2.5mm connectors in great condition.   I replaced the stock pads with leather Audeze angeled pads. The headphones are in a non-smoking, animal free house. Exterior condition nearly flawless. Both drivers in perfect working order, they sound great! BONUS: Venus...