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  1. bmichels

    Requiem Mozart

    I discovered this great Musical work. But... there are so many recordings that it is hard to find the best version. what is according to you the best version that I should download ? i have this one, but are there better versions ? Thanks in advance ? .
  2. bmichels

    FS Stax SR-007 mk1 - Rare early model - Like new !!

    For sale Stax SR-007 mk1, early model Sn 717xx : 1400€ I am located south Ouest of France : Saint-Paul d'Espis - 82400 - Tarn & Garonne. Mint condition. Early model with champagne color cups couleur and brown pads/arceau. Super clean. like new. Why do I sell it ? I already have a SR009...
  3. bmichels

    Aurender N10 vs W20

    I am proposed a used W20, but I Wonder if getting a used W20 instead of a (new) N10 make sense with a DAC that do NOT has Dual AES/EBU and NO Clock Input. thanks for your advice
  4. bmichels

    AIFF or FLAC (ALAC) ??

    I have been told by several people that they hear that the AIFF (un-compressed) versions are better than the ALAC (or FLAC) versions. So I tried to listen to several identical tracks in AIFF and ALAC, and... I have hard time to hear the difference ! ( ARIES -> HUGO -> BHSE -> SR009 ) -->...
  5. bmichels

    GOLDMUND Telos THA2... Binaural effect !?

    This AMP pretend to re-create binaural listening out of "standard" recording !! Has someone listened to it and experienced this "magic" ? I am septical.... From Goldmund web site: "....and it now comes with a new feature that will ravish headphone aficionados: The Binaural encoding. This...
  6. bmichels

    Next Astell&Kern: AK480 (and AK500n's successor) wish list & rumors...

    This april fool published almost 3 years ago might becomes reality very soon now    At least for the specs...       So, let's start a thread of wish list & rumors for the next A&K TOL DAP.    My guess is that it will be announced in May 2017 at the Munich's High-End show. this will be 2...
  7. bmichels

    BRINKMANN Nyquist: a new Hybrid (SS + tubes) DAC with MQA & ROON & Headphone amp.

    Quite a promising new DAC is on approach from a company specialised so far in analog: the BRINKMANN Nyquist   It has all we can hope:   - ROON - MQA - Headphone out - Tube output... - User-replaceable and field-upgradable Digital Module (against obsolescence)   Now we need to wait few...
  8. bmichels

    NuPirme OMNIA: Super TOL DAP, 1To, Streamer, nas....

    At MUNICH High-End, Nuprime showed prototype of a new DAP due for year-end: the Nuprime OMNIA   It will spot 5,5" screen, could offer 1 To storage, and act also as a NAS, a DLNA server, a streamer...   More infos here    I have no picture. So, if someone has more infos or picture, please...
  9. bmichels

    Eddie Current 445, with many different tubes and accesories. From Europe

       --------  NEW PRICE---NEW PRICE ---- NEW PRICE ------   I sell this amp because I ordered a BHSE.   I want to enter the STAX electrostatic word    Note that if you are based in Europe, you will not have to pay VAT: I already paid transport from the USA (516$) and the VAT (20%).   All...
  10. bmichels

    Aries Cerat Kassandra II Mk2 DAC

    A new R2R  DAC :-)   Is it the new kind in town ?  
  11. bmichels

    cembalo lab spring1 : a new Headphone amp (Liquid carbon & Black Widow competitor ?)

    A new TOL guy in town ? the CEMBALO Spring 1 headphone AMP   Apparently it will be at the end a complete system  :    Spring 1 headphone AMP + Spring DAC + Spring streaming player.     anyone has more infos about this ?   
  12. bmichels

    LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

    LH Labs has a new crowd funding Project : the Vi DAC And, IMO.. Very good looking. One fun feature: you can have SS & Tube output runing in the Same Time, booth connected to your Amp, and you then van switch from SS & Tube sound by switching your amp's input. Does anyone has infos on this...
  13. bmichels

    Électrostatique HUUMMMM that disapear when I touch the amp !?

    With my Eddie Curent 445 headphone tube amp I experience a very strangetjing: with sensible Headphones like TH900 i hear a Hhuuummm that is indépendant from the volume pot ( even at volume Zéro it is there) and this seems to be electrostatic since it diminish à lot when I put my hand on rhe...
  14. bmichels

    High-Efficiency speaker for a 3 watts tube amp ?

    What high-Efficiency speakers can you suggest for my Eddie Curent 445 headphone/speaker Tube Amp ?   
  15. bmichels

    McIntosh Labs MB100 streamer/Music player

    McIntosh released the MB100.          At US$6500 in the USA, I find It overpriced (IMO) but at least it includes the wonderful D100 DAC (as opposed to the MHA100 headphone amp that includes an "inferior" DAC)   John H. Darko publish a short review of it here.   But I have to admit that...
  16. bmichels

    Red Wine Audio Bellina PRO-HPA+. Battery operated Tube DAC / Balanced Headphone AMP

    I sell my Red Wine Audio  Bellina PRO-HPA+.  It run 6 hours on Battery, but can be recharged while listening. IT is the NEW BELLINA 2013 model with 3 options added : the SE+BAL headphone amp & Pro options (24/192) & 12v/5v output option. It has a simple remote control for Volume.   ... but...
  17. bmichels

    Windows Phone 8 USB AUDIO to External DAC

    Gentlemen,   I am looking for a source for my HUGO DAC/Amp, and get bit-perfect streaming (above 16/44) from Android or iPhone into an external DAC still seems quite complex ! Nothing really new in 3 years time ! Still the same stupid limitations !    So... is there any hope with the Windows...
  18. bmichels

    AKG K240 MKII; NEVER USED. brand new in it's box

     brand New AKG K240 MKII : 80€      
  19. bmichels

    Portable Balanced DAC/AMP Centrance HiFi-M8 LX

    I received " finally " my HiFi-M8 LX after.... a 10 months wait !.     But... In the mean time, since I could not wait, I bought other portable amps: a TU-05 with... tubes.     So ... my " never used " LX is for sale  (440€ + Shipping : I am based in Belgium, Europe) .    Outputs are : XLR...
  20. bmichels

    Centrance HiFi M8 LX - XLR -

    I received " finally " my HiFi-M8 LX after.... a 10 months wait !.     But... In the mean time, since I could not wait, I bought other portable amps: a TU-05 with... tubes.     So ... my " never used " LX is for sale  (440€ + Shipping : I am based in Belgium, Europe) .    Outputs are : XLR...
  21. bmichels

    New 512 Gb Surface tablet ! Ultimate PORTABLE audiophile source for external DAC ?

    On Monday, September 23rd, Microsoft will formally unveil its next generation Surface tablets :   "It is expected that Surface Pro 2 will come in 256GB and 512GB variants as well, which will cost $1300 and $1700 respectively. Microsoft launched a 256GB model of the Surface Pro earlier this...
  22. bmichels

    Best MUSIC SERVER: WEISS 301, Aurender, LUMIN.... ? HELP !

    MUSIC SERVER: WEISS 301, Aurender, LUMIN.... HELP !
  23. bmichels

    Audio Research Référence DAC "Digital Media Bridge"

    Audio Research Référence DAC "Digital Media Bridge"            
  24. bmichels

    Searching high-quality Audiophile "non leaking" Headphone

    One question gentlemen:  Besides my "open headphone", I need to buy a closed headphone, just because sometimes I can not afford to have sound leaking to (or from) outside.     So.. I am looking for a very-high-quality Audiophile headphone with large soundstage and musicality close to an open...