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  1. calaf

    SOLD: HiFiMan Silver Coated Copper Cable 5M for HE-6, HE-500, etc

    I have for sale a much-improved 5M-long HiFiMan Silver Coated Copper Cable for HE-6, HE-500, and all 1st and 2nd generation HiFiMAN headphones with the screw-on cable connector. Improvements (by yours truly): Terminated to balanced with a Neutrik XLR male plug. Adaptor for unbalanced...
  2. calaf

    SOLD: Upgraded Rega RP3 (RP-3) turntable

    Up for sale is my upgraded, cool looking white Rega RP3. (for a full set of pictures, please check out Included in the sale are: Rega RP-3 in 8/10 conditions. The dust cover is new and shrinkwrapped (new $699+) Fidelity Design sub-platter and...
  3. calaf

    FS: TEAC AI-2000

    PRICE REDUCED TO $770 shipped to continental US, or $695 local SF Bay Area pickup. I have just purchased a Hegel H160, so I have to let my four year-old TEAC AI 2000 go. This is a dual-mono integrated amp with balanced and RCA inputs including an impressive MM PHONO input. It was the middle...
  4. calaf

    FS: Hifiman HE-Adapter, speaker adapter for HE6 and other orthos

    SOLD, thanks a lot! I have for sale a Hifiman balanced to speaker cable adapter, and gain reducer I am the first owner and I believe I bought this unit four years ago (sorry can't find the exact date). As you can see from the photos it is in like-new...
  5. calaf

    R.I.P. Pino Daniele

    Pino Daniele left us yesterday night. He was the leading voice of the '80s renaissance of Neapolitan music, and a bluesman       A few of my favourites
  6. calaf

    SOLD: Woo Audio WA 6 SE

    I am selling my beloved 4-years-old Woo Audio 6 SE. It is in 8/10 conditions (see pics of a few 2-3 mm scratches on the power supply unit). It comes with the original stock tubes only. At my asking price I will include shipping to Continental USA, paypal fees.   I do not have the original box...
  7. calaf

    Hifiman HE500

    Two years old HE-500 in excellent working and aesthetic condition. Minor scuffs near right cup connector, and some, again very minor, paint chips on both metal gymbals (see pictures). Stock StarQuad cable.    Price includes paypal fees and shipping by FedEx Ground to the 48 US. Local SF Bay...
  8. calaf

    SOLD Modded Onix xcd-88 CD player

    I want to consolidate my sources into an Oppo BDP player, so up for sale goes my 2004 Onix XCD-88 CD player. You will find a lot of good information about this player on head-fi, but if you want a single page description of what it does, and how it sounds, this audiogon review should...
  9. calaf

    Extraordinary performance of Ravel Daphnis et Chloe on

    You may think you have heard enough performances of Daphnis et Chloe, between the two suites and the full ballet (Charles Munch on "Living Stereo" is one of the reference recordings).   Well, you haven't, at least not until you check this one out...
  10. calaf

    SOLD Woo Audio 3 Woo3 with tons of tubes

    The amp is SOLD. Thanks for all the interest!     =========================================================     I decided to sell my beloved Woo3, my first serious amp, which I bought in 2005.   I had it out on my table at the recent Bay Area meet after spending 6 months in a...
  11. calaf

    Excellent Vivaldi deal

    Alessandrini's Concerto Italiano is probably the best name in town when it comes to Vivaldi music. Usually their Naive Classique recordings are on the expensive side, but I just saw amazon is about to release a $16.75 4-disc box-set  which includes the exceptional Vespri the so-so Concerti...
  12. calaf

    Classical TV

    this appeared as a Roku channel a couple of weeks ago, and they also have a web presence   Lots of good pay-per-view stuff in there like the recent MET Dessay/Florez Sonnambula but also...
  13. calaf

    The Perfect Jazz Collection

    just got this for my b'day     Very well made collection of classic jazz albums, mainly from Sony/Columbia, in good quality  cardboard sleeves with a replica of the original jacket and with a well made booklet with all track lists and production information. Here is the complete track...
  14. calaf


     I've just bought a pair of RE0s for traveling. Today I tried to connect the RE0s to my laptop, and to my surprise I started hearing (and, with the small tips, feeling!) electrical sparks in my left ear canal. They would stop as soon as I moved the tip inside the ear, and occasionally start...
  15. calaf

    mp3s will save the planet...

    How Digital Music Can Fight Climate Change but I am going to stick to plastic
  16. calaf

    cheap Telarc CD/SACDs at BRO

    Berkshire Record Outlet just restocked a few dozen interesting Telarc titles for $4/CDs, $5/SACD. If you are looking for some vividly recorded symphonic music have a look at Berkshire Record Outlet - Bargain Classical Music
  17. calaf

    web site listing future classical DVD releases

    I visited this web site a few months ago, it had a month-by-month list of future releases of classical DVDs. Does anyone know its URL?
  18. calaf

    Rene Jacobs Don Giovanni

    is about to come out in the US. It received (surprise, surprise) 10/10 from Robert Levine on classicstoday. More interesting is a making-of video found on youtube (and apparently not in the initial release) where you can hear a good 15' of the recording and see that the recording was mixed...
  19. calaf

    Brilliant Beethoven

    Brilliant Classics does it again: after Mozart and Bach (and Chopin) here comes the Beethoven complete works box set. Not only it's the usual bargain but the list of the performers (found on is really good. full track list, notice the extra 15 CDs of historic recordings!
  20. calaf


    it is a pleasure to start narticus feedback thread! I sold Nate my Total Airhead. He payed instantly and was a pleasure to deal with!
  21. calaf

    Joshua Bell Underground

    Pearls Before Breakfast
  22. calaf

    Operas (and not only) for 1 Euro

    a friend pointed me to this French website which offers downloads of out-of-copyright recordings (mainly) from the 50's for 1 euro per work. The entire Krips Ring goes for 4 Euros, Knapperstbusch Parsifal with Hotter for approx 1/2 cent/minute...
  23. calaf

    Gardiner's Bach Easter Cantatas

    I have just received the 11th issue of the Bach Cantatas series by Gardiner & co (confusingly labeled as volume 22) This release contains six Easter cantatas (BWM 4, 31, 66, 6, 134, and 135) recorded in Eisenach in the church where Bach was baptized and learned to sing. BWM 4 is definitely...
  24. calaf


    I am happy to start this feedback thread. Welcome to Head-Fi Mark, sorry about your wallet I sold Mark a pair of Kimber PBJ ICs. He was a pleasure to deal with, and I would not hesitate to do business with him again.
  25. calaf

    The Best of Italian Opera

    as a new subscriber to Opera News, I received this gift CDs which I promptly tossed into a drawer. Yesterday night on a whim I put it in my player and could not believe my ears: besides some excellent performance by big names (Merrill, de los Angeles, and especially Moffo), I discovered...