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  1. alpha421

    RBH H2 ProStereo BT, Fender DX-A1

    Both in like new shape: RBH H2 BT earphones with Aptx-HD, LDAC, and has a rather rare AKM DAC/Amp which I believe is the first of its kind. One of the better sound wirelss BT earphones. $65 Fender DX-A1 iems. $45
  2. alpha421

    Etymotic ER38-18 tips

    8 sets, brand new. Best tips for Etymotic, IMO. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping.
  3. alpha421

    AK XB10 BT Amplifier

    Astell & Kerns. Bluetooth BT amplifier with 3.5mm and 2.5mm balanced. Includes USB charging cable and instructions booklet. One of the better sounding BT audio receiver/amp, IMO. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping.
  4. alpha421

    Topping A90 Black - NIB

  5. alpha421

    Resonessence Labs Concero HD with Apple Remote and RCA cables

    A great sounding USB or SPDIF DAC with upsampling filters controled with the included Apple remote that can also control pause/play/next/back commands depending on the music interface such as JRiver. Comes with original box, instructions, and stock USB cable. Playback resolutions 24/192, DSD...
  6. alpha421

    Topping A90 Black - NIB

    Just received this from Apos after paying DHL Express shipping. Well, my setup has changed. This is brand new and unopen. Paid $499.99 like everywhere else. Will include my Apos purchase invoice. Price includes PP fees and CONUS only Priority shipping. No trades. Same day shipping if...
  7. alpha421

    Schiit Magni Heresy

    Paid $124 (tax and shipping) directly from Schiit last week. Got me a D90, so this little power house with great specs is up for grabs. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping.
  8. alpha421

    Stax SR-003 earspeakers

    Bump with drop.
  9. alpha421

    KEF Motion One Wireless BT and Wired

    Last bump with drop
  10. alpha421

    STAX SRM-212 amplifier

    My bad, corrected. Thanks.
  11. alpha421

    STAX SRM-212 amplifier

    Great condition. Voltage spec is made for the North America market. Throwing in a foot long custom made RCA/3.5mm IC cable. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping.
  12. alpha421

    Stax SR-003 earspeakers

    Great condition and comes with one set of stock silicon tips. You'll need a Stax amplifier with the pro bias 5pin connector. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping. If you need or looking for the CES-A1 kit, I have a like new set for $55.
  13. alpha421

    Stax SRS-005

    Bump with drop. Also throwing in a custom made VIABLUE 1ft long RCA/3.5mm IC cable.
  14. alpha421

    Beyerdynamic DT1350cc 80ohms

    Selling my last and mint condition DT1350cc. Comes with original box, case, and accessories. This has the coiled cable and 80 ohms. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping. From a smoke free home. Please no trades.