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  1. jeffhawke

    IMR Acoustics R1 B-stock

    SOLD I'm selling my IMR R1 in excellent condition. These are like new except for some small paint fade off (see picture) . Every thing else is in mint condition. Comes with the retail box, a case, every filter, all silicone ear tips, stock 3.5 cable and 6.5mm adapter. Feel free to contact me for...
  2. jeffhawke

    Audiophile Travel

    I would like to start this thread for those who, like me spend quite a bit of time travelling the world. I think it would be nice to share audiophile experiences while travelling, so that fellow Head-fiers can have some reference points in different parts of the world when they travel. I would...
  3. jeffhawke

    LEVN SK-BTI-031 High End Bluetooth Audio Adaptor with aptX HD

    Has anybody had a chance to try this BT transmitter/receiver?
  4. jeffhawke

    Grado Head-fi Series HF2 mods+signed box

    Selling these Grado Head-fi series 2 (HF2), n. 110, modded by Spirit Labs of Torino (Italy). The sound signature is pleasantly warm, not aggressive but very precise, with well extended low frequencies. Original box, signed by John Grado. Shipping not included
  5. jeffhawke

    Best Open Back Headphone/Amp Combination for under $500

    I've been looking for the best bang-for-buck combination under $500 for an open back headphone/amp set, and I've come up with the following shortlist. I've only looked at Schiit amps as I already own a Modi 2 Uber DAC, but there may be other amps out there with a similar price/quality ratio.  ...