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  1. inseconds99

    Looking for powerful COMBO Dac/Amp.

    Looking for a combo dac/amp that clean dac with a lot of amp power. Would like to stay 1k or under but have listed more expensive combos below. Looking for recommendations on what I have listed or different recommendations. Using for music and gaming, would like the dac to pass through...
  2. inseconds99

    For Sale TH-X00/SHP9500/Fidelio X2

    I have very good condition TH-X00(original mahogany)/SHP9500/Fidelio X2's for sale. I am looking to sell as a beginner headphone package deal. I will also include a vmoda boompro mic, modmic and and extra set of th-900 pads for the x-00's. All the headphones are very good to near mint...
  3. inseconds99

    Like New Audio-Technica M50x Black (Extra iPhone Mic Cable and Velour Pads)

    Selling a Like New Audio-Technica M50x Black, I have all the original cables, carrying pouch and box for the headphone and will throw in the extra inline mic cable and a second set of Velour pads.   ~ Black Massdrop Velour Pads   ~...
  4. inseconds99

    JDS Labs Element

    Looking for a Like New Condition Element from JDS Labs. Must have original box/accessories, PM if you have one you're looking to sell and the price. Thanks in advance.
  5. inseconds99

    Toxic Cables HD800 Silver Poison 6ft sleeved

    I am looking for this cable for my HD800. PST with offer if you have one, or a similar cable in a 6ft length.
  6. inseconds99

    Like-New Philips Fidelio X1 Negotiable

    Looking to sell my recently purchased Fidelio X1 in perfect condition from Amazon in February. I just purchased the HD800 this month as I wanted to enter into Summit-Fi. These X1's were barely used, they have less then 25 hours on them total. I am negotiable on price so please feel free to PM...
  7. inseconds99

    M50X vs Beats Solo 2 Wireless for portable use?

    I have the option to purchase the m50x for 129 or beats solo 2 wireless for 160. Both brand new and I want to use these for portable listening as I have purchase a fidelio x1 and have owned and possibly will own in the future a hd 700. Are the m50x's suitable for portable use? Listening to hip...
  8. inseconds99

    WTB New Sennheiser HD 700

    I am looking to purchase a brand new or close to brand new HD 700. PM Me with a price. Please do not overprice the headphones as they are sold on Amazon warehouse deals for under 500 used and brand new from multiple retailers for under $550. Please describe the condition, warranty info, usage...
  9. inseconds99

    Headphone (Edm/gaming) confusion.

    Hello everyone, I posted this in mad lusts gaming guide but I can't seem to get a response. I am trying to finish up my sick new Gaming PC build. All I have left to buy is sound. I need some advice from you guys. This forum has been wonderful and the information here has been great but I'm...