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  1. Morph

    Grado GR8 [EU]

    BUMP with pricedrop. Still no pictures as I still don't have my camera.
  2. Morph

    IC - Audio Technica ATH-ESW10 ESW10JPN + AT-HPP5

    Interest Check for my ESW10JPN with HPP5 case.   Bought in September (also some pictures -, don't have the receipt anymore so don't know about the warranty.   HPP5 basically new (bought before Christmas and never used on the...
  3. Morph

    What are AT ES10 impressions like?

    Simple search gave me at least 5 useful threads   Anyway - I can give you a rough comparison against ES7 as I have owned both of them. In few words - similar, but better in every department. If you have/like ES7's, you can't go wrong with ES10's. You may also want to try ESW9, IMO not a big...
  4. Morph

    Sennheiser ie 8 bad cable.

  5. Morph

    FS: Graham Slee Novo [DK/EU]

    ...aaaaaaaaaaand sold.
  6. Morph

    SQ of the Denon's AH-D1000

    I tested the Denons extensively when I had my own pair of ES7s. Personally I think that Denons are a major step down from ES7's in every aspect apart from comfort. Bass - no contest here, ATH's bass is nicer, deeper and better controlled. Mids - again, no contest, upper models from ES series...
  7. Morph

    Help on Monster Gel Supertips sizes needed.

    Hi, I cannot find any information on the exact size of Gel SuperTips and I don't want to order them blind since they are not exactly cheap. So if anyone can provide me with outer diameters of small, medium and large I would be really grateful.   An information on which are size-wise...
  8. Morph

    SQ of the Denon's AH-D1000

    1. Build quality is pretty decent, but there's really nothing special about it. Just another pretty well built phone. 2. Soft, laid back, really musical. Not aggressive enough for me though. Great for jazz/pop/acoustic/vocal/etc. (yet not as great as ESW9s), but rather useless for faster...
  9. Morph

    FS: Graham Slee Novo [DK/EU]

    How about 180€ shipped?
  10. Morph


    Hasan bought my ESW9's. Serious buyer, seals the deals quickly and without problems. Definitely would deal with him again.
  11. Morph

    Irish Rock (?)

    AFAIR - The Real McKenzies and Pubcrawlers were pretty good.
  12. Morph

    SOLD: Audio Technica ATH-ES10 (EU)

    Apparently sold, pending payment. EDIT: definitely SOLD.
  13. Morph

    SOLD: Audio Technica ATH-ES10 (EU)

    I had one before and I'm not interested in another pair.
  14. Morph

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9A vs ATH-ES7 vs ATH-FC700A vs Sennheiser HD448 vs Sennheiser PX200II

    I had both ES7 and ESW9. ES7 are _really_ uncomfortable after some hours and their pleather pads can make ears sweat a lot. On the other hand these are the most fun sounding cans I ever had or heard. ESW9 on the other hand are much more comfortable and are a reasonable upgrade SQ-wise...
  15. Morph

    New AT Portables: ATH-ES10 and ATH-WS70

    Quote: Originally Posted by Burma Jones Hi Morph , How is the isolation and soundstage on the es10? I'm trying to gage it using the Shure SRH 840 as a reference point. I would like to purchase a pair soon , so if anyone has some feedback would be much welcome. Isolation isn't...
  16. Morph

    New AT Portables: ATH-ES10 and ATH-WS70

    They are definitely different. BASS - much less in quantity than IE8, I think a bit better controlled. MIDS - definitely more, ES10's - in most cases - bring the vocals to the front. I'd say that sometimes the vocals overwhelm the rest of the music a bit too much. HIGHS - nice, but not...
  17. Morph

    New AT Portables: ATH-ES10 and ATH-WS70

    Quote: Originally Posted by Burma Jones is the midrange really recessed because of the deep bass impact ? They have neither deep bass impact, nor recessed midrange Although mids are not as forward as in ESW9 or ES7, they are still quite prominent. Bass is no more "fun"...
  18. Morph

    how many of you guys cook???

    I guess it's Extra Virgin Olive Oil, isn't it?
  19. Morph

    Musical Fidelity V-DAC Owners?

    Quote: Originally Posted by the limp man I Am using speakers with it Dali Concept 2 and what is the best way to connectit: usb or optical? IMO optical is way better, but it's even better if you use ASIO drivers or similar.
  20. Morph

    Everything gone, please delete!

    ESW9 is now SOLD
  21. Morph

    Everything gone, please delete!

    Haven't got any PM coldturkey, sorry. Since I haven't heard from potential buyers - bump with pictures! added. For the next two weeks shipping will be done from Poland so price has been adjusted accordingly to lower shipping costs here.