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  1. Dana Reed

    5 headphones down, just one more

    Well, five favorite, full-size,open-back headphones. I have the GS2000e, T1.2, HD800S, HE6SE, and LCD2. If I was to get one more pair, and wanted something that is quite different, but still in the ~$1200 range, what would it be? Elear/Clear K712/812 Aeon2 open, so I'd have 3 planars and 3...
  2. Dana Reed

    What's the best "first-timer" planar magnetic to try

    I've been enjoying my various dynamic driver headphones for a while now, with my favorites being the GS2000e and Beyerdynamic Amirons for open and the DT770 for closed. Have been curious about trying planars, and going back and forth between going all out and upgrading amps from a Vali2/Magni2U...