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  1. Bansaku

    Did you miss it? Beats by Dre headphones cost $14 to make!

     This storey made me laugh so hard it made my face hurt! Really made my day.    You may have seen this argument somewhere on the internet recently, it's a real growing trend. As soon as someone offers up the suggestion for Beats by Dre to be added to an audio collection everyone is up in arms...
  2. Bansaku

    Press Release: Pioneer debuts four new consumer headphones

    Press Release   The music and sounds played in today's popular nightclubs create excitement and fun for patrons. Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. has incorporated those emotions into developing its new line of "Superior Club Sound" headphones. The SE-MX7 and SE-MX9 on-ear headphones and SE-CX8...
  3. Bansaku

    A laughable oversight; A lesson for us all

    Heyas folks! Just wanted to share my story of disappointment that turned out great. Early in the new year I purchased a pair of second hand Ultimate Ears 5 Pro off Kijiji. Initially I was excited I was finally getting my hand on these highly regarded, dual b/a driver IEMs that I have...