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  1. Audio-GD Master 19

    Audio-GD Master 19

    I have always been interested in the ACSS amp design and I opened the Audio-GD website to check the prices and I found this..... A stripped down version of the Master 9. I pulled the trigger, let's see how it will sound......
  2. Faber65

    Reply to review by 'Faber65' on item 'iFi Audio xCAN'

    Looking forward to seeing the announcement of the launch on the local market this coming week.
  3. Faber65

    Review by 'Faber65' on item 'iFi Audio xCAN'

    I had the opportunity to test the xCan last weekend at the CanJam in Shanghai. Input from the Fiio 5II and output to MrSpeakers Aeon Flow C; FLAC files, standars resolution. Comparing it with my iCan nano, my first impression was that the new xCan has more dynamic and it is slightly faster on...