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  1. musicphotolife

    Shure AONIC 50 -

    Found the culprit. It's the Poweramp music app advanced audio output plugin setting that causes the glitch. The app offers several output plugins like OpenSL ES Output, Java based output (default) and Hi-Res Output. After I restored to defaults, the LDAC sounded very clean now. All's well. Now...
  2. musicphotolife

    Shure AONIC 50 -

    Hi! I noticed the "rattling" noise too. It's basically distortion, and it seems to occur only on LDAC codec. No issue with SBC and AAC. I couldn't test aptX because by default all my phones selected the highest HD codec which is LDAC. I had to manually unselect "HD Audio" under the Bluetooth...
  3. Aukey T18NC Key Series Active Noise Canceling TWS Wireless earbuds

    Aukey T18NC Key Series Active Noise Canceling TWS Wireless earbuds

    Highlight - TITANIUM-ENHANCED SOUND: Key Series T18NC wireless earphones adopt premium 13mm Titanium-coated Dynamic drivers that deliver highly accurate sound with superior clarity. - CRYSTAL-CLEAR CALLS: Listen and talk through both earbuds. Dual-mic Active Noise Reduction Technology and...
  4. Jabra Elite 75t

    Jabra Elite 75t

    The Jabra Elite 75t are excellent true wireless earbuds that do everything really well. They're small, comfortable, and sound great, and have fantastic and useful features like auto play/pause. Battery life has been bumped over the Elite 65t too, despite getting smaller, and Jabra's app is just...
  5. FiiO EH3 NC

    FiiO EH3 NC

    In recent years, wireless headphones have gradually become the most popular products in the market. Aside from TWS earbuds, the best choice would be over-ear wireless headphones, which are rich in functions and good in the audio performance. But among such a large variety of products, how to...
  6. musicphotolife

    Audeze Mobius review / impressions

    I have reviewed both Mobius and Orbit S side by side, and they are identical physically. Even the software and firmware are the same and you can use either brand for either headphones, the only different is the UI design and that Orbit S does not have Bluetooth. In terms of sound quality...
  7. musicphotolife

    New, Burson Playmate 9038 DAC, 2Wpc HeadAmp, Preamp, Changeable opamps.

    Received a Playmate review unit from Burson about a month back and went through quite an intensive period of listening with a handful of my other DACs/headphones to compare. I prefer the Playmate over the rest, even the Chord Mojo - maybe because the transport is a V30+. I have posted my reviews...
  8. Sudio Fem

    Sudio Fem

    Combine utility with an immersive sound that pushes your true wireless experience to the next level. Quick charging with USB-C ensures that even on the busiest of days, you still have easy, reliable access to calls and music. With a four-microphone system and new touch controls, Fem gives you...
  9. Advanced M5-TWS

    Advanced M5-TWS

    ADVANCED M5-TWS is a pair of true wireless (TWS) earbuds - there are no wires connecting left and right side earbuds, as well as the connection to your music source device. The Pinnacle of True Wireless Audio The proprietary PHPC (Pressurized High-Purity Carbon) driver used in the M5-TWS...
  10. Earfun Free

    Earfun Free

    EarFun Free is a pair of True Wireless Earbuds that integrates all of the latest mobile audio techs. ● Snug Fit Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Fit ● Instant Pairing & Stable Bluetooth Connection ● IPX7 100% Waterproof ● 6mm Graphene Driver for Superior Sound ● 30-Hours Uninterrupted Play...
  11. musicphotolife

    Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

    Wow I bought the TRN-T2 16-core but was dubious about the sound impressions. So I googled and found the "TRN Impressions Thread" then followed the link to this thread. I started reading from page 108 to my dismay that TRN cables could be a scam. I went page by page and finally came to this post...
  12. musicphotolife

    Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

    I won't dispute that since your listening preference is different. I'm quite happy to know that SXFI gets it right for a lot of people. I'm proud of what Creative Labs has done for the audio community. Cheers!
  13. musicphotolife

    Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

    I did not test SXFI + Mobius. To elaborate on my experience (I wrote a review article on Mobius), the SXFI is more impressive the moment I tried it. It is more "wow", it sounded different because of the out-of-head holographic magic. Mobius, when I started playing the music, sounded ok, until I...
  14. musicphotolife

    Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

    Another headphones. I tested with HD650, E-MU Teak (sold to fund Mobius), Aurvana Trio.
  15. musicphotolife

    Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

    I also have both SXFI and Mobius. Mobius is more detailed, while SXFI is more out-of-the-head experience and delivers a more realistic room sound. Then comes the challenge: some audio source cannot be translated accurately on SXFI, whereas Mobius works better for all sources. Additionally...
  16. musicphotolife

    Creative Super X-Fi SXFI portable DAC. Audio Holography through personalised HRTF [with Detailed Hands-on Impressions from an Audiophile]

    I have actively followed the Singapore local forum thread (now past 3000 posts) and read a lot of comments, criticisms, improvement tips, etc. The SXFI Amp is not a magic pill to transform every known audio source into a perfect holographic audio to match every person's listening profile. It’s...
  17. musicphotolife

    Sennheiser HD820

    Yes indeed! Axel finally realised the world needs closed back headphones when his children's open back headphones are still audible even when they closed their bedroom door!
  18. musicphotolife

    Sony Xperia, USB-C Analog Audio, & DAC Placement

    Well, I tried plugging the XZ2 to my Chord Mojo via Neutron player and Onkyo HF Player. Both does not work.
  19. musicphotolife

    Sony NW-ZX300

    I was listening to HD660S stock balanced cable with ZX300. Depending on the track's mix level, I need to turn almost to the max, around 110-120. There is a volume gain option, but I haven't compared if there are any significant audio degradation. Anyone with experience to share would be appreciated.
  20. musicphotolife


    Yes indeed! The sound presentation is enhanced to a different level. With SE, the sound is somewhat compressed and cramp. With 4.4, there is more depth and space in the audio.
  21. musicphotolife


    Wow, yes I finally sat down and did some careful comparison. It does sound a great difference from an audiophile perspective!
  22. musicphotolife


    Ah, yes. Thanks I missed that part out. I should compare using DSD audio files. I reckon non-DSD files will not benefit much from balanced connection, then?
  23. musicphotolife


    I also have the MDR-Z1R together for the review, was trying both connections. Am I supposed to hear a vast difference between balanced and unbalanced?
  24. musicphotolife


    I was reviewing both 1A and 1Z and trying to browse through this thread to verify my observation. This confirms it. I do find the 1A more sparkling (burn-in 200 hrs) vs. 1Z better lows (burn-in 20 hrs). 1Z seems to be catching up but when playing on hi-def files, I can still detect the...
  25. musicphotolife

    FIIL Diva & Diva PRO Impression and Discussion Thread - Premium Headsets by Chinese Rock Star

    Hi guys! Glad to have found this thread! I received the FIIL Diva last week and have been listening to it non-critically. Love the overall neutral response, though nothing exceedingly exciting. Agree on the feature list that is impressive for the price. Now after reading some out-of-this-world...