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    FS: Zu Audio Mobius for HD 600/650

    Hi! I believe this was one of the first versions from over a decade ago. A problem with the first version of the cable was the plugs were to big to plug into the headphones properly. I had sent them back to Zu and they shaved the plugs down so that it can fit. I'll be happy to ship to...
  2. actimation

    FS: Perpetual Tech P1A/P3A/P3B

    Perpetual Technologies P1A/P3A/P3B: Though this combo DAC set is over a decade old, it is still quite relevant today as it can accept digital signal up to 24/96. This set includes the P3b power station that powers both units. Price - $300...
  3. actimation

    FS: Apuresound Cable for Etymotic 4P/4S

    3ft cable for Etymotic 4P/4S. This cable is built according to the 4P specs. It has always been a bit too stiff for and has not seen enough use as it should. Price – $35 (includes shipping)
  4. actimation

    FS: Zu Audio Mobius for HD 600/650

    8ft aftermarket cable by Zu Cable for the Sennheiser HD 600/650. Terminated with ¼” jack. These have been sent back to Zu Cable to modify the plug (on the headphone end) for a better fit. These have never seen enough love me. Not even sure if they are broken in. Price: $60 (includes shipping)
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    FS: IRD MB-100 Monoblocks

    IRD MB-100 Monoblock Amplifiers: A great pair of amplifier that has been with me for a number of years and has been a daily workhorse for my audio needs (radio and home theater). The amps are quite detail for audiophile sessions and enough power for Netflix session. Definitely sad to see...
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    Perpetual Technologies P1A, P3A and P3B DAC System

    Due to a move over to the west coast, I no longer have the need for a second system.  So up for sale is my Perpetual Technologies P1A, P3A and the P3B power supply unit.  I still have the original boxes for the P1A and P3A units only.  All original cables (I2S, coaxial and the two power supply...
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    Very friendly and generous with his sale. Hope to deal with him again in the future. Thanks!
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    Any opinions about the Sumiko Pro-Ject One turntable?

    I've been looking for an opportunity to start a turntable rig. At the moment, I've found a Pro-Ject One turntable for less than an hundread (without a cartidge). Does anyone have any experience or opinions about this TT? Or what kind of cartidge would go well with this TT or what kind of phono...
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    What Was the First Concert You Ever Saw?

    As far as I can remember, my first concert was the Nutcracker. When and where did I see, I'm not too sure. I think I was in kidergarten at the time. Although, my parents claimed they took me to see concert when I was merely past one. Can't recall any specifics about that, so I just have to...
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    New X-Box or PS2 system for sale

    I've got an activation code for a free system from It works for either a free X-Box or a PS2. I recieved a free system after I signed up for DSL with, but I really don't need a videogame system to keep me busy. I'm looking for $180 for the coupon or possible a...
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    So many amps, which one do I need?

    Thanks for the link! It helped alot. But now I think I know what is the question I want to ask. What are the pros and cons of an intergrated amp over the pre/power combination (and vice versa)? Does the sound quaility improve or degrade with one over the other? Thanks again, Mark
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    So many amps, which one do I need?

    I'm looking to start a speaker setup but i'm not too sure what I need. I'm stumped by the different types of amps: intergrated amps, pre-amps and power amps. Can someone please explain the purpose of each of these amps? Thanks, Mark
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    FS: Musical Fidelity X-DAC and Audio Alchemy DDE v2.0

    I have two DACs that have been collecting dust for quite some time. Musical Fidelity X-DAC for $210 and Audio Alchemy DDE v2.0 for $110 Both are in perfect working condition and the prices include shipping. Please feel free to contact me for more info.
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    Computer rig

    I have the Monsoon 700s and they're not too bad. The sound stage that the speakers produce is pretty wide and is quite detailed. Although the bass on the unit is not as strong as my roommate's Altec Lansing ACS33, I feel its better sounds more natural that way. The only drawbacks I can think of...
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    clou red jaspis

    Hey Jude, If you are going to sell them, please let me be the first to know about it.
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