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  1. calpiyuki

    Preloved Phonak Audeo PFE 232 [Everything included, with extra goodies!]

    Hey guys, I am selling my PFE 232s that I bought from earphonesolution. It has less than 5 hours of listening time. It is in excellent condition, always inside the pouch it came with when I don't use it. It comes with all the ear tips, 1 cable with inline mic PLUS 2 extra cable with no mic, 2...
  2. calpiyuki

    So I just bought my first top of the line IEM...

    I just bought for myself a pfe 232 from earphone solutions! I chose the 3 day delivery so they should arrive this Friday. Why did I make this thread? Because I am so darn excited! I've been playing around with mid ranged equipment, and finally getting to dip my toes on hi-fi makes me pretty...
  3. calpiyuki

    [Recommendation]Upgrade from BA200~ $300 range

    Christmas is coming and I'm thinking of treating myself with a more high(?) end pair of in-ear monitors.   Source: Galaxy S4 Amp: none Genre: Classical Orchestra, Korean Indie, Jazz Isolation requirement: Good enough for NYC subway Price: $200-$300 Current Equipment: tdk ba200, vmoda...
  4. calpiyuki

    Is Westone 4r worth the money as an upgrade from TDK BA200?

    What the title says. I listen mostly to classical symphonies.  Thus the overall presentation is extremely important.  The other iem I am currently looking at is T-Peos H-200.  Any input will be much appreciated.