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  1. jackwess

    Burson 4th Gen discrete opamps

    Burson recently announced their new Generation of HD opamps, as a soundcard user they caught my attention.       What are your opinions? 
  2. jackwess

    Creative Aurvana new range of headphones to be released!

    They Just announced on a press release the new range of models: Aurvana platinum, Aurvana gold, and Aurvana Live! 2   If they are anything like the classic Live! headphones (sound quality wise) i'm in! 
  3. jackwess

    Best gaming Displays?

    Currently on the hunt for one, always used cheap LCD displays. I want to take things to the next level, what are you guys using? 
  4. jackwess

    C-Media CM6631A based Usb DAC, Any good?

    Been looking at this usb audio chip, any info on this guys?    They are getting popular on ebay as well.
  5. jackwess

    Share your latest buying experience! (Us, Europe)

    Guys,  I have friends who are interested on upgrading headphone gear, and headamps. They are asking for suggestions on retailers, and i know you guys have more experience buying stuff than me.    Can you please post,  The name of the business,  Location,  Website, and Impressions of...