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  1. alv4426

    FS: Brand New Philips SHP9500

    Brand new sealed SHP9500 for sale. I paid a little more for it about 2 weeks ago from Amazon but decided to go in another direction. I don't want to return to Amazon since I went through that whole Philips X2 issue with them 3 times and I know they don't like too many returns. Please PM any...
  2. alv4426

    Philips SHP9500

    Looking for one in good condition with original box/accessories shipped to CONUS. Let me know your price (looking to pay around $50ish) and I would love to trade if possible. Please PM any questions.
  3. alv4426

    The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes for 3DS

    I have a sealed brand new copy that I want to sell. Priced is shipped but add paypal . PM with any questions, Im not posting pics since it is a sealed copy.  
  4. alv4426

    IC/FS Audio Technica ATH-ES88, Grado SR125i Woody ALO modified, NHT SuperBuds, Vsonic AN16

    Checking interest before I take the time to pull some of these out of storage. Im selling all of these just because of lack of use. Condition on the A.T. and NHT is like new and comes with packaging. The Grado was built by ALO Audio and I bought it in used condition from them. It comes with a...
  5. alv4426

    FS/FT Headamp Pico Power Black

    Selling my Pico Power which is in great condition. Will come with a pair of rechargeable 9V batteries and charger, original box, leather case. Screws are a little scratched but comes with new backup pair. please PM any questions and only conus shipping. SEND ME OFFERS in PMs
  6. alv4426

    FS/FT Beyerdynamic DT250 250ohm and Sennheiser MX985

    Original owner of both and come with boxes and original accessories. I'll get pictures up later today. Please PM me with any offers, don't pm asking for prices. Condition is good on both. Keeping it conus only sorry (might be convinced to ship to Canada maybe).
  7. alv4426

    Bowers & Wilkins P7 NEW

    Up for sale are a pair of new P7 I just got back today from warranty replacement. I had the original pair up for sale a few weeks ago but noticed a rattle in one of the cups so I took it down and sent them in for replacing. This box is still sealed. PM with any questions and only interested in...
  8. alv4426

    FS/FT Astell & Kern AK120

    A&K AK120 - I got it in a trade a few weeks ago and it is one of the most impressive Hifi components Ive ever heard. I was actually amazed the first time I listened to it which doesn't happen very often at all. Reason for selling is I don't need a DAP anymore and this thing is honestly too...
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  10. alv4426

    Cardas EM5813

    Cardas EM5813 - I got these I think less than a month ago from another headfier. These are also very impressive IEMs with a unique sound sig and the best build quality I have ever seen in any headphone. Condition is good but it will only come with the original carry pouch, cleaning tool and 2...
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  12. alv4426

    Shure SRH1440, Cardas EM5813, A&K AK120, Imod 5.5 w/128GB SSD, Beyerdynamic DT250

    Shure SRH1440- I just got these maybe a week ago from another headfier. These are actually a lot better than I thought they would be in terms of SQ. These are easily on par with my HD580 (which is supposed to sound very close to a HD600) and my newly replaced HD580 with HD650 drivers. I actually...
  13. alv4426

    Lawton Audio Modded Denon D7000

    Lawton Modded D7000 - I got this almost 6 months ago from another headfier. They sound great but I just never had time to use them because they don't fit my needs very well. I needed a closed headphone that I could use for the purposes stated above and the D7000 isn't supposed to be used that...
  14. alv4426

    Lawton Audio Modded Denon D7000 & Sennheiser Momentum OE Combo Deal

    This is a combo deal I will only sell BOTH headphones together for the asking price which includes shipping but not Paypal fees which will be an additional 4%[/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE].   Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Brown- I got this maybe 1 week ago along with a B&W P7 in my attempt to...
  15. alv4426

    Denon D7000 Lawton Modded

    I'm looking to trade my Lawton Audio modded Denon D7000. I got it a few months ago in a trade but I have not used it much since I dont really have too much free time anymore.   The things I'm most interested in are an Ultrasone Edition 8, Sony 7520, bookshelf speakers, speaker amps, graphics...
  16. alv4426

    Woo Audio WA6 Black

    Woo Audio WA6 Black - Condition is good fully functional zero issues, maybe some small barely noticeable scratches/marks. Comes with 3 rectifiers (original, RCA 5V4G fat bottle-glass, and the Sophia Electric 274b)and 2 sets of driver tubes (Stock Pinnacle 6DR7 and Sylvania 6DE7). Got it a few...
  17. alv4426

    Fluffy Bunny

    Beyerdynamic T70 250 ohm with removable cable mod- Will come with original case and a cable made from around 7 ft of canare star quad  It is easy to drive and provides very good comfort and isolation. Condition is good with some very small marks/scratches on the plastic "arms" where it says...
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    Beyerdynamic T70 250 ohm BTG Audio Removable Cable Modded PRICE DROP

    Mr. Speakers Mad Dog, these are the original version with Shure 840 pads. In really good condition with no issues cosmetically or functionally. I was going to do an upgrade to the Alpha Dogs but I am going in a different direction until I can demo them. Asking price is $Carne Asada shipped + any...
  21. alv4426

    FS: Headamp Pico Upsampling DAC

    Headamp Pico Up-sampling DAC Tiny and great sounding DAC with both 3.5mm and RCA outputs. Does work with Android devices, Macs, and PCs as plug and play. I used it sparingly in my transportable system which was a MBP to the Upsampling DAC to PICO Power, and it was awesome at that job. I did...
  22. alv4426

    J$ Leather Pads for Beyerdynamic

    Good condition J$ pads for sale. Price firm and includes shipping. PM for more details. 
  23. alv4426

    Cheap Audeze LCD2/3 cable

    Just looking for a spare cable even a stock cable would be ok but I prefer a DIY solution and SE would be better as well. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  24. alv4426

    FS/FT: Toshiba Thrive 8GB

    Hello all, today I'm selling my very good (near mint) Toshiba Thrive 8GB. It comes with all original packaging, power adapter, a leatherette Acase case, and a Kensington Stylus. It is a great tablet that I bought originally over its competitors because it actually has full size ports on it and...
  25. alv4426

    FS Brand New Unopened Audio Technica CK7 Titanium

    I just bought these on a whim online (I will receive them on Thursday) but I already have too many IEMs and I know I will not use these. I am mostly looking to sell but trades are not completely out (I am really interested in one of the Sony ZX701s from the Staples sale). Send me your offers...