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  1. Anonanimal

    HD650 Mint Condition / All Original Cables + Boxes Included [SOLD]

    Like-new condition HD650 with stock cable, adapter and original boxes (inner and outer box).   Headband exhibits none of the typical paint chipping/cracking that you normally see on used ones.  Approximately 400 hours on clean amplification only, and never played to the point of distortion. ...
  2. Anonanimal

    Denon D1001 Re-cable Guide

    I didn't see a re-cabling thread for this specific headphone and I just did mine the other day so I thought I'd post what I did. I found that they were very easy to work on compared to my SR60s due to the fact that they were not glued together... These are just my office headphones so I...
  3. Anonanimal

    SOLD: Headroom Ultra Micro Amp (US)

    Up for sale is my Headroom Ultra Micro amplifier. Included with this will be the Headroom-recommended Cardas 1/4 to 1/8 adapter that I purchased with it. I built a Beta22 at the end of last year, and the Micro has been sitting unappreciated since. It is still a great little amplifier, and I feel...
  4. Anonanimal

    SOLD: AKG K701 (US)

    Up for sale are my AKG K701 headphones. I prefer the sound signature of other headphones and feel that these should go to a new home that will appreciate them more! First things first, I have not yet bought/sold anything through this forum and thus have no feedback, but I'd love to get some...
  5. Anonanimal

    Ultra Micro DAC vs. M-Audio 192 Sound Card

    Just dropping a quick line to see if anyone has had the opportunity to compare the two devices in the title. I've long been wondering if there would be a noticeable step up in the output quality of my PC if I were to swap for the Ultra Micro DAC, but I've been hesitant since the 192 is very...