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  1. Richter Di

    Reply to review by 'Richter Di' on item 'Meier-Audio Corda Soul'

    Having a blast with Qobuz streaming via SPDIF into the Soul. (A bit angry on Qobuz because I get pauses in some tracks, although I have the latest beta version from them for the FiiO M11) Anyhow, Fostex massdrop TH-X00 ebony still my favorites. Had a fling with Nuraloops and Nuraphones, and...
  2. Richter Di

    Reply to review by 'Richter Di' on item 'nura nuraphone'

    @JefroyK Do you have the Nuraphones lightning cable? IF yes, I have a question. I bought the lightning cable for the Nuraphone since I was convinced I could still access the app while using the lightning cable, but I can not. Is this a design flaw or is this just something I do wrong? It is bad...
  3. Nuraloops


    Bluetooth noise cancelling inEars with an inear measuremen to individualize the sound. Touch sensitive for volume, pause/play, level of outside sound.
  4. Richter Di

    Reply to review by 'richter di' on item 'Sony Walkman Nw-zx2 128gb Mp3 Player Hi-res'

    Thank you so much for your review and the tip with the poweramp Alpha. Any thoughts regarding the current alpha-build-703 versus the version you linked above? Thanks.