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  1. davidmolliere

    Itsfit Fusion impressions thread

    I thought the Fusion deserves its own thread... here are my first impressions after a dozen hours with the Fusion... I tried the Fusion with the Cayin N6ii, A01 and T01 motherboards with the DITA Oslo and Dunu Hulk cable. My favorite pairing is DITA Oslo and T01 motherboard. Right out of the...
  2. davidmolliere

    [CLOSED] Custom Empire Ears Phantom

    Sale is off.
  3. davidmolliere

    [SOLD] Custom FIBAE 4 - 2 pin recessed

    Custom FIBAE 4 purchased in february 2019, mint condition, 2 pin recessed socket. Custom Art reshell is 100€ so you can choose whichever suits your best. Note Custom Art is back to 2 weeks turnaround time these days :) Sold with all the accessories included at purchase (cleaning tool, Pelican...
  4. davidmolliere

    [SOLD] PW 1960 4 wires 3.5mm 2pin

    Shipping fees to be defined depending on destination and options (only express and insured, taking no chances). Payment via PayPal. FS PW audio 1960s 4 wires, 3.5mm 2-pin. Comes with original box. I don’t have the receipt but original FS here (I purchased from @popof94 who purchased it there)...
  5. davidmolliere

    Earsonics EM64 impressions thread

    Quite surprised that no thread exist on that little gem from the Earsonics pro line, especially since it holds very high value for money and is a totally stunning TOTL reference custom IEM with a superb build... SPECIFICATIONS Sensitivity: 127 dB/mW Frequency response: 10 Hz -20 kHz DCR: 44...