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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'Sony MDR-1000X'

    I've owned mine for several months and taken them on long trips to India.  No creaking.  Maybe yours has an issue and should be returned for a refund.  Sound quality is excellent *among* and when *compared* to other NC headphones.  NC headphones rarely compete well against non-NC headphones.
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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'Symphones Magnums'

    I have enjoyed a couple modded headphones from Fleasbaby.  Looking forward to hearing this Magnum V6 with your cups.  
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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'Audeze EL-8 Open-Back'

    Hmm, no forum posts, just joined yesterday to give the review.  Either this headphone moved you so much to join the community or ....     Like Joseph said, fill us in on what you were using for the past decade and other headphones you've tried.   Mastering level headphones?  I'm intrigued.  Are...
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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'FitEar To Go! Parterre'

    Very nice review.  At that price I would like better isolation.  Is it due to their size or do you need to explore other tips?  Which bass did you prefer, Parterre vs HD800 vs T1?  
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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'iFi Audio micro iDSD'

    Thanks for the clarification.  Everything you said makes sense.  I just wasn't sure of the degree of issues you were having with the clarity so interpreted it as more severe than it was.  Cheers.  
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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'iFi Audio micro iDSD'

    Hello, I have not heard the DX90 but I have owned many Sabre-based DACs ranging from a few dollars to above a $1000.  The iFi Micro DSD stacks up very well against them.  Sure, it does have it's faults, but not anything that would make me say it has a "weak" DAC section.  I probably would not...
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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'RHA T10i'

    I agree with most if not everything said here.  In a world of limitless money I could see owning these.  For now, I'm interested in what RHA puts out next for the less bass-craving crowd. 
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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'Noble Audio PR'

    Then it does sound like the PR is an overall upgrade over the Noble 4.  I had the Noble 4, Heir Audio 4Ai, and Heir Audio Tzar 350.  Very nice details and mids, but from your review there is even more detail in the Noble PR.         I agree with the fit comment in your review.  The Noble, Heir...
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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'Noble Audio PR'

    I enjoyed reading your review.  Since the R configuration wasn't to your liking as much as the P.  Do you consider the Noble 4?  I am wondering how different sounding the PR and 4 are in relation to each other.  The 4 would have been cheaper and saved you from paying for the R functionality that...
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    Review by 'WNBC' on item 'RHA T10i'

    INTRODUCTION.  It can be a daunting process selecting an earphone among the hundreds that are available.  I was in need of an affordably priced in-ear headphone for work.  The Read Health Audio (RHA) T10i aesthetics appealed to me and their other earphones have been well received by the...
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    Review by 'WNBC' on item 'Q-Audio French Silk Cable'

    Q-audio French Silk Aftermarket Cable for MrSpeakers Alpha Dog     INTRODUCTION I have spent a little over two months with the Alpha Dogs and its stock cable.  About one month into the journey I acquired a Q-audio 8-foot cable for the Dogs.  The gamut of effects I heard from previous...
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    Review by 'WNBC' on item 'MrSpeakers Alpha Dog (T50RP Mod)'

    MrSpeakers Alpha Dog   INTRODUCTION Like many I was bit by the planar magnetic bug years ago and I have not looked back since.  I have never heard any of Dan’s other headphones, but I have my own modded Fostex T50RP that I enjoy a lot.  Having owned the Fostex T50RP for 2 years I am familiar...
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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'Norse Audio 4-wire Norn series up-occ LCD-2 headphone cable'

    The LCD-2 and Lyr pairing is absolutely fantastic. Up and down the frequency range I found the LCD-2 to be driven well by the Lyr. Lively and engaging. Sufficiently wide soundstage and detailed presentation. The highs never sounded so good. I wouldn't hesitate in giving the Lyr my full...
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    Reply to review by 'wnbc' on item 'HM-601 Music Players'

    "I have some high-resolution (24bit) Chesky Reference albums that I put on the sd card (SanDisk 32gb, class 2) that would simply refuse to play. The whole UI would lag and react strangely, teleporting through folders and not playing anything. This doesn't apply to all 24bit music. " Yeah, it...