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  1. Jackpot77

    Stealth Sonics IEM impressions thread

    This thread is for impressions and reviews of the Stealthsonics U-series and C-series IEMs. Impressions links: Full review links: [U4] [U9]...
  2. Jackpot77

    [SOLD] Chord Mojo for sale

    Chord Mojo plus case for sale - comes in original box. Excellent condition, just not using it since I bought it from another HeadFi'er as I have picked up the DX200 as well. Pics on request. £SOLD incl Paypal and UK shipping, £SOLD all in for shipping to Europe.
  3. Jackpot77

    [UK / EU] Sony ZX300 (uncapped) plus case

    Price drop - looking for a quick sale! Sony ZX300 (black) in great condition - comes with original box and accessories and Musashino FullArmor hard case (pictured - great looking case)...
  4. Jackpot77

    [SOLD] Audioquest Nighthawk (original wood version)

    Audioquest Nighthawk (original wood colour) for sale or trade - in excellent physical and cosmetic condition, comes with carry case and both original cables. Headphones in great condition and sound superb - building up too big a headphone collection at the moment, so something has to give -...
  5. Jackpot77

    Echobox Explorer plus Dock - Maple

    Echobox Explorer for trade or sale (trade preferred) - comes with Maple dock. UAPP and Tidal upgraded from initial release, all works smoothly - no physical signs of use or wear. Just got a ZX300 and an LG V30, so no need for another mid-tier DAP. Lovely rich sounding Burr-Brown DAC chip, very...
  6. Jackpot77

    (SOLD) 64 Audio U8 / Effect Audio Leonidas bundle

    Looking to fund my next major purchase, so moving on some bits that I'm not using much at the moment. For sale: £600 64 Audio U8 - purchased Q4 2017, in immaculate condition, Congress with all accessories and packaging, M20 module. This IEM is a bassheads delight, but has a beautiful tone and...
  7. Jackpot77

    UK/EU interest check - JH Audio / Astell&Kern Angie V2 (Full Metal Jacket series)

    Hi guys Just a quick interest check - may be able to get my hands on a Full Metal Jacket JH Angie II over the next week or so as a trade - I've already had the Angie V1 so would rather go for something else, so just checking to see if anyone is interested in taking it off my hands if I do...
  8. Jackpot77

    Meze 99 Classics - ex display pair, in as new condition with receipt

    Pair of Meze 99 in almost new condition - purchased recently a an ex display model from an audio retailer in Edinburgh. Will include receipt if I can track it down. Excellent sounding cans and worth the hype - just asking on to find the purchase of a pair of Blue Microphones Ella I just grabbed...
  9. Jackpot77

    [UK/EU] WANTED - Ibasso DX200 wanted

    Liking for a trade or swap deal for an Ibasso DX200. Looking to pick up a good balanced source as I have an Echobox Explorer arriving shortly. Have a variety of IEMs or possibly an Audioquest Nighthawk to trade - PM with what you are looking for. Would also consider a deal involving any Astell...
  10. Jackpot77

    Jackpot77's review thread - an archive of all past and current reviews

    This is the first proper thread I am starting - it might seem a bit odd to start a collection of my reviews, but I wanted to have a central repository where I could cross reference all the comparisons I have done against similar gear in one searchable location, so a thread seemed the best way to...
  11. Jackpot77

    Fidue A83 - UK/EU interest check

    One pair of Fidue A83 - excellent condition, comes with original packaging and all accessories including hard Peli-style carry case. All in immaculate cosmetic condition and some accessories/tips unused. Looking for £140 - postage to EU/elsewhere will be on top, post to UK is free. Just...
  12. Jackpot77

    SOLD - Audio Technica ATH-CKR10 push pull dynamic driver [UK BASED]

    For sale or trade:   Audio Technica ATH-IM50 - in as new condition, comes fully boxed with unused tips, just missing carrying pouch. Looks immaculate - purchased for comparison purposes from a fellow Head-Fi'er for a review I was writing but have too many IEMs at the moment so looking to move...
  13. Jackpot77

    Various items (Nuforce HEM8 / Focal Spirit Pro / Focal Sphear / Fidue A83 etc) for sale or trade - UK based

    Hi all I am having a clearout of various IEMs I recently picked up for review purposes to make room for some new gear (and put some cash back in my wallet!) - I have the following items for sale or trade (sale preferred for non-EU deals as international trades can get a bit fiddly): **NEW...