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  1. Niitrogen

    [WTS] [USA-FL] Balanced 4 pin-XLR 1990 pros SOLD

    Hey guys, Looking to sell my balanced DT1990 Pros with mini XLR jacks. These things are awesome but i'm kind of a bass head and these don't scratch that itch. There is some stitching that is coming undone but it has been that way forever and isn't changing anytime soon, see timestamps . Comes...
  2. Niitrogen

    FOUND Looking for ZMF Eikon!!!

    Hey guys, In search of a ZMF Eikon. Hoping to pay around 900 depending on the condition and wood type. Let me know if you have one you are willing to part with.
  3. Niitrogen

    Spotify vs. Tidal

    Interesting! I'll keep an ear out and see how enhanced it sounds.
  4. Niitrogen

    Spotify vs. Tidal

    I tend to forget how good spotify is at this. It is almost second nature at this point. Didn't realize Tidal would be that far behind in terms of searching algorithms. Tidal does have a 60 day trial period so i guess i'll give it a shot for myself.
  5. Niitrogen

    Spotify vs. Tidal

    Is it worth going to Tidal in 2020? i have a nice SMSL SP200 and SU-8 DAC... but am currently running Spotify. Anyone have A good TLDR for me?
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  7. Niitrogen

    Schiit Jotunheim Multibit DAC

    Hey! I’ll take the Jotunheim. PM