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  1. K.I. Unlimited

    Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

    No you misunderstand. It's not for the cable; it's for overhaul of the CIEMs themselves. I mean they did come up with the tech themselves. If you decided to reterminate the UE18+ themselves with 3rd party (and I have no idea who would do that or why) you would effectively void your warranty...
  2. K.I. Unlimited

    Grado RS1 that rattles like a "vinyl" when deep bass enters, NOO!!

    Sorry for the old thread but I thought I had to give a thumbs up for this thread. Bought a brand-new RS1e today and there was a slight rattling on the right. I almost thought the dreaded moment of sending it back on the first day for RMA would come, but I decided to try this quick fix first and...
  3. K.I. Unlimited

    UE18+ soldering issue?

    While waiting for the UE customer support's reply, I would like to check with folks here if this looks like a manufacturing defect. First and 2nd pic belong to left IEM, 3rd belongs to right. As you can see the black-ish part are on opposite sides.
  4. K.I. Unlimited

    Recommendation for the best value CIEM?

    If you're still alive (in this hobby) today, just get a pair of UE18+.
  5. K.I. Unlimited

    Grado RS1e matters (and impressions)

    I demoed a pair of RS1e new (according to the audio shop guys) in SG out of my AK70 Mk.II. Amazingly easy to drive from a DAP and I really love the sound signature. It is incredibly detailed compared to my W1000Z and gives this feeling of wild energy being well-controlled. I don't really...
  6. K.I. Unlimited

    ACS Evoke Studio Universal impressions, with a Phonak Audio PFE 112 baseline

    Why is this the only Evoke thread around? I finally found time and went down to the local store to listen to both the Evoke and Evolve. I was very amazed by the Evoke; clear, detailed and spacious (for IEM standards). While not for bassheads (quantity, but good in quality), at this price it is...
  7. K.I. Unlimited

    Cayin N5 DAP - Product Info (Post #2), Resources (Post #3) and Discussion

    If that is indeed the way they roll, then even though I like the house sound, I shall put my money and vote elsewhere in the future. It's unfortunate and also ridiculous that an iPod could outperform a current gen player in terms of functionality.
  8. K.I. Unlimited

    The ORIVETI PRIMACY and NEW PRIMACY Triple-Driver Hybrid In-Ears Impressions and Discussions Thread

    A little off-topic but owner of a Sony Z5 here. Unless you're using Campfire Audio-tier IEMs (e.g. Andromeda) don't expect great music out of your smartphone. Even investing a bit of money into a entry-level FiiO X3 or Cayin N5 will do your IEMs more justice.
  9. K.I. Unlimited

    Cayin N5 DAP - Product Info (Post #2), Resources (Post #3) and Discussion

    To whom it may concern : Greetings. I recently bought a Cayin N5. I have some problems playing a set of mp3 files ripped from an online game. The files appear to be 16bit/22.5khz instead of the usual 16/44. I have had no issues playing them with other players or my phone. Please help. Warmest...
  10. K.I. Unlimited

    JH-13 vs ACS T1 - Looking for Information

    Soo...did you ever make the comparison between the two in the end? Just curious.
  11. K.I. Unlimited

    Livewires - California Dreamin'

    That is indeed true. Thank you gentlemen. A pity they didn't get their crap together, they had a one-of-a-kind sound.
  12. K.I. Unlimited

    Livewires - California Dreamin'

    Understandably there may no longer be Livewires users around, but I wanna try my luck. Somehow on their Facebook, the most recent contact dates to 2016. Anyone here has tried buying their IEMs?
  13. K.I. Unlimited

    W1000Z head band issue/fix/mod

    It doesn't look like this pair of cans are well-loved these days. But anyway, Does anyone know of a way I can get more clamp permanently? The music from these would be perfect if they had better seal.
  14. K.I. Unlimited

    Musical Paradise MP-D1 - truly musical tubey smoothness

    A brief search did not turn up any dedicated threads (only a sales thread, 1 thread for MP-D2) so here I am. I chanced upon this magic last month while selecting a DAC to replace my cheap old GoVibe DAC. As I didn't try anything with tubes in it before, I decided to give it a try (I was...
  15. K.I. Unlimited

    R2R/multibit vs Delta-Sigma - Is There A Measurable Scientific Difference That's Audible

    I must beg to differ on the bolded text. In medical literature, most of our problems coming from scientists who are publishing papers for the sake of finding "something different" is one of the factors slowing down our progress. If we ignore the e.g. 5 papers that rigorously proved that a new...
  16. K.I. Unlimited

    JH Audio JH5pro thread

    I gave up on my pair. Against the Etymotics and any 3 driver IEM these things sound dead and uninteresting. Now that's two dead pairs of custom IEMs sitting at home, the other one being the EM1-iFI.
  17. K.I. Unlimited

    R2R/multibit vs Delta-Sigma - Is There A Measurable Scientific Difference That's Audible

    We have so much money circulating in the audiophile economy. Why don't people take all the most well-reviewed DS and MB DACs, take them apart and ID every single part inside - the clock, chips, caps etc etc and then make a modular DAC to compare part for part? THAT will be called scientific...
  18. K.I. Unlimited

    Where To Download Lossless Music

    Most if not all the time lossless should cost more than the mp3 counterpart for obvious reason. If you can't shell out the extra dollar you have no business buying the music.
  19. K.I. Unlimited

    Cambridge DACMagic, anyone? (THREAD II)

    I searched a few of the DacMagic threads and Headfi, but nothing turned up.   Are there any detailed comparisons of the DacMagic's sound vs. other DACs, such as the Dacport?
  20. K.I. Unlimited

    JH Audio JH5pro thread

    Just got mine yesterday and I would say that're a little above the LW3's overall (just a little, I feel the LW3's are very good) and trumps the EM1-iFi's from Earsonics. I would definitely ask most of my friends to try getting one of these (the JH5's) instead of trying out three-driver...
  21. K.I. Unlimited

    Seeking Opinions on EarSonics EM1-iFI

    Not very good IMO. Plus, I have a problem with noise isolation due to the fact the 'phones do not reach into the 2nd bend of the ear canal, causing them to lose seal rather easily, compared to most other customs.   The sound signature is neutral, quality is OK but not very good for the...