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  1. kukkurovaca

    When viewing subscribed threads, no longer a way to filter out "read" threads?

    You could previously view only your subscribed threads that had unread messages in them. Now I can only find the combined view. The threads with updates posts are in bold, but I would much prefer to have a filtered view of just new stuff.
  2. kukkurovaca

    IEM recommendations, under $500ish, warmth-liker looking to add something with detail/positioning

    General preferences run to warm/dark, but I sort of have that covered and am looking for something that will offer more detail, soundstage, and positional cues. If I can get that in a warm IEM, that would be great, but more analytic suggestions or weird but effective tunings are also fine. Good...
  3. kukkurovaca

    Headphone amp/passive preamp w/multiple outputs and volume controls?

    I know they make these for studio use, but I think those mostly have high output impedance. I know there are a number of headphone amps out there that have multiple outputs, but the ones I've seen all have just one volume control. (I mean, I understand that having separate volume controls would...
  4. kukkurovaca

    IEM w/good isolation *and* good soundstage?

    Ideally, I would like something exactly like an Audeze iSine that also happens to isolate well. That may be unreasonable, but are there IEM options that both isolate decently well and also have good soundstage? Is there the equivalent of the Argon (i.e., a fully closed headphone with a...