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  1. headfinoob

    Headphone frequency response - amplifier behavior question

    I wanted to gain some insight into the following phenomenon. Using REW v5.01 b24 software, calibrated EMM-6 mic, and M-Audio MobilePre MkII interface, I took measurements with the mic orthogonally placed approximately 1cm from the foam covering the driver (touching the imaginary plane...
  2. headfinoob

    Asynchronous mode on Android USB OTG?

    I am wondering if anybody has a USB DAC with an asynchronous indicator that they would be willing to test on Android. I am thinking of getting the HRT Music Streamer II or II+, but I would not know how to verify asynchronous operation. I was thinking that the Galaxy Note 3 may be one of the few...
  3. headfinoob

    Optical Digital or Coaxial Digital in Smartphones?

    I read somewhere that Samsung phones may have coax S/PDIF outputs.  Does anybody know if this is true?  It seems like it would be simple enough to implement the feature with an extra conductor from headphone jack.
  4. headfinoob

    PuGoo, check it out!

    I just wanted to share my new experience with PuGoo Pads. They are 4" x 8" and less than 1/8" thick.  They stick to most surfaces quite well.  I am using them for my portable "audio stack", currently an iPod and an Fiio E17.  I got tired of dealing with rubber bands and such to keep my stack...
  5. headfinoob

    24/96 Playback. Portability?

    Hello, I am just curious if anybody has some knowledge regarding the playback of 24/96 files with a portable device.  I figure some DAPs will work just fine, but I wanted to utilize one of the following devices below with my Fiio E17. Currently, I have: iPod Video 5.0G /w Rockbox -...
  6. headfinoob

    24/96 support for Voodoo'ed Galaxy S?

    Does anybody know if it is possible to play 24/96 files on a Voodoo'ed Galaxy S variant without re-sampling?  I noticed that Neutron Player will play the files, but I don't know if there is re-sampling or processing occurring. The WM8994 specs show that it supports 24-bit, 96kHz.  I thought...
  7. headfinoob

    Line-out and HP out: iPod or Voodoo?

    Hello fellow Head-Fi members, The question: how well does the Galaxy S /w Voodoo (Voodoo'ed WM8994) compare to the iPod's line-out (primarily 5/5.5G and 7G) as a source for equipment with line-level inputs?  I haven't been able to come to any concrete conclusions regarding the matter.  I find...
  8. headfinoob

    Opinions on these headphones with my Voodoo Sound phone?

    I'm just seeking opinions/thoughts on driving the following headphones on my Voodoo'ed Samsung Droid Charge: Yuin PK3 earbuds - 32ohm Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro - 250ohm   I don't know what the Samsung Charge's output impedance is, but it should be the same as the Fascinate as well as the...
  9. headfinoob

    Stream Audio from Computer to Droid over Wifi!

    There are several ways to stream content from your computer to your phone such as DLNA, CIFS, FTP, and various apps. This is different, and pretty useful and great in its own way. This app runs on your Android.  There is a small server...
  10. headfinoob

    Computer PSU Ripple/Noise considerations?

    When considering a PSU purchase, what do we look at regarding electrical ripple/noise?  I also wanted to get some opinions of acceptable ripple and noise levels. How much ripple is too much and which rails are the most critical to have low noise?   1.  What rail voltages are actually...
  11. headfinoob

    HRT Linestreamer+ , hows does it compare?

    Does anybody know how good the HRT Linestreamer+ sounds for converting stereo, unbalanced audio to digital? Primarily I would use it with my Musical Fidelity V-LPS for vinyl digitizing. I've looked at other products from...
  12. headfinoob

    Computer Power Supply, should I filter?

    Hello, I am seeking some advice regarding filtering the power supply of my audio computer.  The audio computer is low-power, fan-less, and Intel Atom-based.  The computer is controlled via Remote Desktop, VNC, etc. I am using the linear power connector on the back of the PC (5.5mm OD, 2.5mm...
  13. headfinoob

    Onkyo SE-200PCI LTD driver issues

    Hello, I don't like starting trouble threads, but has anybody had any experience with the multi-channel Onkyo cards?  I have the SE-200PCI LTD. I have had the card for 2 years now, and only recently decided to try to make use the multi-channel outputs to solve my bass management issues with...
  14. headfinoob

    Subsonic filter plugin for Foobar (VST okay)

    Hello, I'm just curious if anybody knows of a decent subsonic filter for Foobar or a VST plugin since I use George Yohng's VST wrapper.  It appears that GlissEQ VST would work, but I was hoping for something free and simple. Thanks!
  15. headfinoob

    Thoughts on ripple/noise level on 12V rail with PCI Sound Card?

    I have an Intel D945GSEJT motherboard with an Onkyo SE-200PCI LTD sound card. I have a Fluke 77 Series II DMM.  During playback I measure between 0.002 and 0.003Vrms AC on the 12V rail.  When idle I measure 0.002Vrms on the 12V rail.  The 5V rail measures 0.000Vrms at all times.  When the...
  16. headfinoob

    Onkyo SE-300PCIE vs Onkyo SE-200PCI LTD

    Can anybody provide any input regarding the sound quality of the Onkyo SE-300PCIE vs Onkyo SE-200PCI LTD?  I own a SE-200PCI LTD and I think its just an outstanding card.  I don't have any plans on changing it, but I wanted to satisfy my curiosty.   I'll quote another user from another forum...
  17. headfinoob

    Radius Atomic Bass 2 VS. Yuin PK3, the battle of the inexpensive portables?

    Please advise if this information is already out there. The budget is very limited, and I have narrowed down my choices by reading and getting recommendations.   I wouldn't doubt there are runner's up in this price range, but my research didn't yield anything.  Has anybody tried...
  18. headfinoob

    old Technics SL-D2 vs new Music Hall MMF 2.2

    Vinyl noob question: I have an old Technics SL-D2 that I just uncovered from the depths of the parent's garage. I will use the turn table for playback but primarily for archiving some 200 records. The old Technics is automatic and will pick up the arm at the end of the record, whereas the MMF...