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  1. Carcajou

    Ground loop even if connected to the same power outlet

    I have a ground loop problem I'm having a hard time getting rid of. I'm almost certain it's a ground loop as I can get rid of it by lifting the ground on my Dacmagic 100. Since my Gungnir doesn't have this option, I'm trying to find a more permanent solution. What I dont understand though, is...
  2. Carcajou

    Schiit Head-fi'ers do/say

    Time for some self-mockery. Thought I'd start a thread to list some ridiculous things us Head-fi'ers do, say, argue about, etc.   It's meant to be humoristic so please be good sports and leave your ego at the door.   Here are some obvious ones to get started:   - Spend WAY too much money...
  3. Carcajou

    Looking for a good pair of cans to pair with Turntable and OTL tube amp

    I'm looking for a pair of headphones to listen to my turntable and Little Dot mkii.   I have a pair of HE-400i at my desk setup (Gungnir/Mojo2 combo) which I LOVE, but I don't really enjoy the Planar sound with the vinyl/OTL tube setup quite as much. I'm looking for something more laid-back...
  4. Carcajou

    Bypass potentiometer on Bravo audio V2

    Hi!   I want to transform my Bravo Audio V2 (which I no longer use) into a headphone power amp and control the volume only from my Micca Origen + by removing the potentiometer.   I fear that by simply bypassing the potentiometer and having it run full blast all the time i might end-up having...
  5. Carcajou

    HD 650 Balanced cable - Really balanced?

    I recently bought a Mjolnir 2 so I was considering buying/making a balanced cable for HD 650s to take advantage of the M2's full potential.   However, when taking a closer look at the HD650's cable connectors, I realised there are only 2 connections per channel, while balanced cables have 3...
  6. Carcajou

    Suggestions for a dedicated DAC under $400 with balanced outputs?

    Hi all,   Anyone has suggestions for a dedicated DAC that is under $400 and that has balanced XLR outputs? I will connect this DAC to an amp/preamp so I'd prefer if it had fixed outputs (or no preamp function at all).   Thanks!
  7. Carcajou

    Non overly analytical high impedance headphones

    Hi everyone,   I'm looking to buy a pair of high-impedance cans that I'll be driving through a Little Dot Mkii. I'm looking for something that's not going to be overly analytical. I was considering the Beyerdynamic DT990 250 or 600, but I'm scared they're going to be too much on the bright...
  8. Carcajou

    Any opinions regarding the Little Bear T7?

    Hi everyone,   I'm looking to upgrade from the integrated phono stage I currently use on my AT LP120. When researching I saw the Little Bear T7, a small tube phono stage.   For the price I'm not expecting anything incredible, but I'm wondering if it would be an upgrade from my integrated...
  9. Carcajou

    Hifiman EF2C VS Little Dot MKii

    Hi everyone. I just went trough an older thread comparing the EF2A with an older version of the Little Dot amp and I was wondering how the newer versions were comparing one against the other. I know Little Dot came up with a Mkiii, but it's over my budget.   I currently have the following...