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  1. supbrowawawa

    Bass-heavy multi-driver IEM?

    I've been using my Ultimate ears TripleFi 10 for quite some time now, and I absolutly love them, but I wished the had more bass. I listen to a lot of electronica music (trance, dubstep, house, and electro) and I feel the IEM don't really satisfy my bass needs.   So, I am considering selling...
  2. supbrowawawa

    Can't decide on which speakers to choose

    I have narrowed it down to a few selections. As of right now, I am leaning towards the M-Audios BX5a. I have also been considering the KRK Rokit G2, but they are noticeably more expensive; M-audios BX5a = $150 and the KRK Rokit G2 = $150 FOR ONE, so $300 for a set. I would also like to add a...
  3. supbrowawawa

    Sony XB500 vs. Audio Technica PRO700MK2

    Out of curiosity, does anyone own these 2 headphones? If so, what are your thoughts on them in comparison.   The reason I am asking is because these 2 headphones are supposed to be the top dogs of bass.
  4. supbrowawawa

    Desktop Amp Recommendation.

    I think it is time for me to get an desktop amplifier. I don't really know much about amps, but my budget is around $100 and these are the ones that have caught my eye so far:   - Fiio e9...
  5. supbrowawawa

    Replacing my Ultimate ears triple fi 10 cable..

    So my dog chewed up my fi 10 cable, but luckily he failed to eat up the IEM portion. So now I need to replace the cable, but I figured I might as well get an upgraded cable.   These are my first "high-end" IEM so I don't know much about upgrading its cable. I got my fi 10's on amazon for...
  6. supbrowawawa

    Velour pad for my Ultrasone HFI-580's

    I am looking to upgrade my stock HFI-580 pads to some velour ones.   I've heard the Beyerdynamic DT250 pads fit, I've also heard the DT200 pads fir which doesn't make any sense.    Anyone know which velour pads fit?
  7. supbrowawawa

    Are my Ultrasone HFI-580's damaged? :(

    So yesterday I let me friend test out my 580's through my ipod (no amp). He listened to 3 dubstep songs, but what I didn't know is that he was listening to them on full volume...   So after that, I put my 580's on and the sound just doesn't sound as good as they did before... The bass isn't...
  8. supbrowawawa

    Looking for the Perfect "Open-Ear" Headphones.

    Alright well lets start off with a little background information about myself. I am just getting into the whole "audiophile" scene (about 1.5 months to be exact) but I do not consider myself to be an audiophile by any means.   List of headphones/IEM I own:   - Ultrasone HFI-580 - JVC...
  9. supbrowawawa

    Question about burning in my Ultrasone's HFI-580

    They're still kinda fresh and I was wondering how would "burning" them in change the sound? The highs on them are a tad harsh. Would they mellow out after some burn-in time?   How does burning in these cans going to affect its bass? Would it make the bass stronger, weaker, punchier...
  10. supbrowawawa

    Fiio e6 with an ipod?

    Hi,   So I just purchased an e6 for my 5th gen ipod classic and was wondering what is the purpose of using the ipod usb connector (the Fiio L1, L3, and L3 cables) rather than the 3.5 headphone connector that it comes with. Does it make a difference in sound? Spending another 10$ on a cable...
  11. supbrowawawa

    Another "recommend me some headphone's" thread

    So i've had my JVC RX-700 cans for awhile now and love them, but I think it is time for an upgrade. The only problem i really had with them, is that they don't really have enough bass for my likings. So, I purchased some Ultrasone's HFI-580 which are currently in the mail.   Now I know a lot...
  12. supbrowawawa

    Fake Ultrasone HFI-580's?

    Does a such thing exist?
  13. supbrowawawa

    I want to try some XEARS IEM.

    Hey guys,   I'm thinking about getting a set of xears but I just can't seem to decide on which model to get. These ones in particular have caught my though.   XE200PRO NATURE N3i TD III V2 XGF500PRO   Basically all of the higher end IEM.   As for my taste of music, mainly...
  14. supbrowawawa

    Ultrasone HFI-580 vs. Ultrasone PRO 550

    I was wondering whats the difference between these 2 when in comes to sound quality.   Also, because I might as well throw it in too, how does the PRO 750 compare between these 2?
  15. supbrowawawa

    After doing hours/days of research I need head-fi's help.....

    I've been searching for the perfect headphone for QUITE sometime now and I have narrowed it down to these cans.   Originally I wanted to go with some AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-M50 but it seems like those aren't such a great value anymore. Anyone care to explain why?   Recommendation that others...
  16. supbrowawawa

    I think it's time to upgrade my headphones.

    I've recently purchased a XONAR DG and some JVC RX700 and absolutely adore them, but I got a new job which pays fairly good so why not upgrade my headphones right? lol. I love my RX700 but I don't really think it has enough bass for the "type" of music I listen to which are; dubstep, trance...
  17. supbrowawawa

    In need of some Earphones <3

    I'm in the market for a pair of IEM and need your advice.   My budget is around $30ish and a friend of mine told me to get some MEElectronix M6 but I would like some more feedback.   As for the type of music I listen to, it's pretty diverse, but for the majority of the time, I usually...
  18. supbrowawawa

    Help me choose my first legit headphones <3

    So i've been on the market for a pair of decent headphones (on a budget).   After hours of research and recommendations, these 3 headphones seem to come up the most.   JVC rx700 (People seem to choose these over the rx900 but I don't really understand why..)   SAMSON sr850  ...