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  1. adamlau

    M-DAC vs. MH 25.3 vs. W4S DAC-2?

    New case tooling showcasing a new exterior design is about all the information I have been privy to. The current lineup will remain as base models (current list prices will remain unaffected) with the new series serving as their standard reference models.
  2. adamlau

    2.1 or Bookshelf Suggestions please

    Try this thread: Looking for the best 2.0 speakers (around 500-600$ max)  
  3. adamlau

    travel speakers

    Agreed on the foxLv2 being amazing for its size. Paired with a Cardas HPI, it's perfect for watching a quick movie on the go, or streaming lullabies via Bluetooth from the phone for the little ones.        
  4. adamlau

    Please help me do a small test about sound distortion.

    Voted. Looks as if I am with the current majority on this one so far...
  5. adamlau

    Speakers on a Desk or on Stands

    Sound Anchors...  
  6. adamlau

    Can Someone w/ Xonar STX + OSS4 Verify S24_LE?

    Does playing a 24-bit file through 'ossplay' (any samplerate) play back through S24_LE:   Or does the file play back through S32_LE:     Else, can someone with an STX and OSS4 post the results of:     It appears the Xonar ST is only capable of playing back 24-bit files...
  7. adamlau

    New Audiolab DAC

    Yes, the M-DAC gets warm fast. That's why the top of the case is vented in two locations. I took a look at the internals of my M-DAC last week, a series of heatsinks are located directly below the vents. There is an image at PFM of the internals of a demo model (its close enough to the current...
  8. adamlau

    Acoustic Zen MC2 - best digital interconnect in this price range?

    I am currently using the Oyaide DR-510. Soft, clear details with a natural sound. Might send it out to cryo in a few weeks. Another option would be the Ridge Street Audio P!!! R-v3 DIGITAL MASTER. Eichmann (non-locking) bullets, solid silver conductor like the DR-510, factory cryo treated...
  9. adamlau

    BLIND TEST: 128kbps mp3 vs Lossless

    You can always try BLIND TEST: Lossless vs. MP3 320 and BLIND TEST: Lossless vs. MP3 320 vs. Vorbis (q=10)    
  10. adamlau

    Poll: Can you hear sound over 20kHz?

    I can barely make out the faint shrill of 20 kHz off the MFSL Sound Check CD, but my wife can hear it clearly to the point where she popped out of the next room to ask what the heck I was doing... I was shocked...She had no idea that I was testing tones and was watching a movie on her MacBook...
  11. adamlau

    BLIND TEST: Lossless vs. MP3 320

    Sooo...Is A, or B the lossless file  ?
  12. adamlau

    1K Integrated Amp Options?

    Excellent...Thanks...I thought I would never receive a reply...Will look into the Brio R...
  13. adamlau

    BLIND TEST: Lossless vs. MP3 320 vs. Vorbis (q=10)

    1:48 clip of Band on the Run off the 2001 release of Wingspan: Hits and History...                           Download A.wav (18.17 MB) Download B.wav (18.17 MB) Download C.wav (18.17 MB)  
  14. adamlau

    PC Speaker Upgrade (first post) (Narrowed Down to Behringer & KRK)

    I believe in matched components, so a pair of KRK RP6 G2 now and a KRK 10s later on down the road. Xonar to KRK 10s to KRK RP6 G2 is how it would be cabled.
  15. adamlau

    i am building an high end gaming pc and need help with a high end sound card?

    Head over to a dedicated site such as Best of the best will end up over 10K (my watercooled box hovers around 4K and it is far from the best). Start off with a custom case, I like stuff from Case Labs. Quote:  
  16. adamlau

    does DAC really make alot of difference?

    I do not have a preferred DAC at the moment, though the DAC I am currently using is the Audiolab M-DAC. And just how is neutrality measured for both the ST/STX, and DAC1? Frequency response graphs? What third-party tests? Stereophile? Paid reviews? UPDATE: See M-DAC vs. MH 25.3 vs. W4S DAC-2?
  17. adamlau

    does DAC really make alot of difference?

    Confirms that I am looking for some sort of coloration in my gear? When did the DAC1 become the yardstick for neutrality?
  18. adamlau

    does DAC really make alot of difference?

    In fact, the Benchmark DAC1 does indeed sound like the ST/STX! I have always thought that ASUS modeled the sonic signature of the ST/STX after Benchmark.
  19. adamlau

    does DAC really make alot of difference?

    There is no need to mention a -120dB noise floor, no need to question the efficacy of cryo treatment, or opamps. I understand and respect your position. But you need to consider the entire playback chain. It is very simple in my case: ST/STX S/PDIF out to DAC to balanced (XLR) out to monitors >...
  20. adamlau

    Help me turn my Mac into my Hi Fi

    ADAM A3X monitors will absolutely decimate the A2. I had them both at one point. 
  21. adamlau

    does DAC really make alot of difference?

        I have to disagree. But the OP will have to demo an external unit himself in order to determine whether there would be any justifiable gains in his setup, or not. A cryo treated AX850 is pulling power though a Shunyata Venom 3 power cord from a dedicated 20A circuit terminated...
  22. adamlau

    Replacing my M-DAC

          Correct. The M-PAX is indeed the upcoming PSU upgrade for the M-DAC.      I don't use headphones, the M-DAC is interpolating to a pair of active monitors. I am indeed satisfied (for now) and only want to examine available upgrade paths.      
  23. adamlau

    Replacing my M-DAC

    I am in a similar situation, though I will wait until I am able to pair the M-DAC ($905) with an M-PAX ($705) for a period of time. At a total cost of around $1610, I want to see what the M-DAC/M-PAX is capable of...
  24. adamlau

    Audiophile Linux software

        Even though ALSA upsamples everything to 32/48000 in software?       Better than the lightweight DeaDBeef a.k.a the foobar2000 of Linux?
  25. adamlau

    does DAC really make alot of difference?

    Seven days of listening and I can confidently conclude that the addition of an M-DAC via optical out has led to a clear and noticeable improvement over the analog out of a Xonar ST with an LME49720HA in the buffer. Most notable has been a drop in background noise, more defined bass and smoother...