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  1. assumenot

    Music Game VIII

    Quote: Originally Posted by tru blu "One Of A Kind (Love Affair)" - The Spinners "Family Affair" - Sly & The Family Stone
  2. assumenot

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part X]

    My new addition (or addiction? )
  3. assumenot

    Warning to Zune80 owners

    Quote: Originally Posted by Night Surfer You make it sound like some major problem with the Zune. Not so. Like Ricardo I have a Zune 30 and a Zune 80 - the 30 has some minor scratches, the 80 is still clean as a whistle. Both are "naked" and transported pockets, bags, cars, thrown...
  4. assumenot

    Zune80 or Ipod80

    Quote: Originally Posted by orl2222 I have both the ipod touch and zunes 30 80, and use both.The sound quality to me are equal. I use thezunes for the subscription service, the touch for books, video, and my favorite albums. The touch is hooked to my macbook pro,the zune...
  5. assumenot

    Can't decide between a Zune 80 and iPod Classic

    I personally went with the Zune 80 for the reports of better SQ, the larger screen and other things like FM tuner, customizable background (I'm a sucker for stuff like that) and full screen album art. I'm am a big fan of iTunes as well and it's probably the only thing that drew me towards the...
  6. assumenot

    So where do you "put" your portable rig? Pocket? Hand? Gearpurse? Shoe?

    Coat pocket if I'm wearing one, otherwise pants pocket.
  7. assumenot

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part X]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Amblin Nice, how is that working out for you? Lovin' the Zune. The EP-630's aren't too shabby either!
  8. assumenot

    Finally have myself a Apple iTouch !

    *holding out for 32GB version* Hopefully this fall... a guy can dream can't he?
  9. assumenot

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part IX]

    My 80GB 5.5G iPod with Creative EP-630. Hopefully I'll be posting my Zune 80 soon (should be getting it back within the week )
  10. assumenot

    Who can report a massive and tragic DAP HDD failure?

    My Zune 80 HDD died on me after 12 days of ownership. Nothing really devastating as I have all my music on my PC anyway, but still kind of disappointing. Been about a month since the repair center received it and it's finally being shipped back to me next week.
  11. assumenot

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Creative EP-630 And an Ethernet cable.
  12. assumenot

    Zune80 or Ipod80

    Quote: Originally Posted by nghiasays First Zune 80 I bought had an issue where the hard disk spinning up and reading would produce some sort of interference. I thought the unit was just defective so I returned it for another. The second unit was fine at first but after about a month...
  13. assumenot

    itunes library question

    I think if you go into your "My Music" folder and copy that whole iTunes folder out of it you should be fine, not 100% sure though. The "iTunes Music Library" XML file is what contains all the info about your library as far as directories, ratings, play count etc. Might want to look for a second...
  14. assumenot

    Best place to get an iPod Video (Gen 5.5) right now?

    Just bought an 80 GB 5.5 on ebay for $192 shipped. Did see some good deals locally on craigslist too.
  15. assumenot

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part IX]

    Quote: Originally Posted by ZMU817 Nothing like an old Zen Micro 5GB + e2c Man I miss my old Zen Micro, my very first DAP. Well, I still have it, but it is pretty much decommissioned. Same color, different Altoids case (Cinnamon )
  16. assumenot

    Zune on Woot! for $99.99sss

    Very tempting deal... I was planning on buying an iPod classic in the next couple of weeks, but have been looking at the Zune as well. This might be too hard to pass up, although I was kind of drooling over the 80 GB of space the classic would provide. Decisions, decisions...
  17. assumenot

    Zen Micro driver help

    Ah, I found the fix, just had to dig into the Creative website a bit. Required some tinkering in the registry, but it's all good now.
  18. assumenot

    Zen Micro driver help

    I can not figure out why my Micro isn't being detected by my computer. It seems everything is fine, but it just won't detect. Here's everything that has worked so far: The computer detects the player as 'Creative Zen Micro' when I connect it via USB. Device Manager says it's working...
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