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  1. beer

    I think I'm finished with Head-Fi. Anyone else?

    For me, it's just beginning of journey. And I'm in the diyer path, so It's very long long path.
  2. beer

    What book are you reading right now?

    currently I read this and a ton of papers and journal I have to finish reading them.
  3. beer

    iphone- worth it?

    Why don't you buy new one? New iphone is $399.
  4. beer

    A Balanced Qualia Rig (Warning: Lots of Pictures)

    very nice system....
  5. beer

    Question: Buying DIY Amps

    Quote: Originally Posted by tomb - Man, isn't that the truth? Or, spend another 2 weeks waiting for the 2 or 3 parts you forgot the first time. exactly!!!!
  6. beer

    diy *cotton Dock*

    I think you can buy most of the parts you want here:
  7. beer

    The Tales of Voluntary Electricutions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bjornboy81 It's not the current that'll kill you, it's the voltage. We screw with all the newbies here at work that think a 12V-1000A rectifier can kill you. when it's running at full balls, a couple guys will make a bet who can hold on to the output...
  8. beer

    comfort of the Shure E500

    Quote: Originally Posted by retic3nt how comfy is the e500 compared to e4c? about the same? I think both are comfortable. I can't tell the difference between them.
  9. beer

    erm, do i or not?

    High performance
  10. beer

    Grado recabling

    I think you don't need to ground the shield on the headphone wire.
  11. beer

    how to repair ripped off pad on pcb board?

    you could connect your cap with another component in ur pcb by using a wire.
  12. beer

    need some help with making an amp

    I recommend reading from this . There are a lot of great information to help you build your first amp.
  13. beer

    PCB Drawing

    I used to use protel but I recommend eagle because you can use it free
  14. beer


    I recommend Akira one of the best anime I have ever watched. And all anime series of studio ghibli. For manga I love Berserk by Kentaro Miura, Pluto by Naoki Urasawa, and Beck by harold sakuishi
  15. beer

    Do any of you sleep on the carpet floor?

    I sometime lay my back on the floor but not all night.
  16. beer


    nice dock. but for $550 it's too much for me
  17. beer

    IPod vs Zune

    I have had a chance to try zune yet but personally I love my iPod. And I love iTune, too.
  18. beer

    Post your Photography Here!

    ahhh camera, ipod and ear phones consume most of my money.
  19. beer

    You DON'T NEED Vista NOW... Why?

    It consumes too much resource. And I think XP still perform great for me.
  20. beer

    BluRay or HD DVD? Poll

    I think Blu Ray