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  1. BowerR64

    Question about the Marshmellows

    I just got the FX55 and the FX33 because they had em both and i wasnt sure wich were the better set, i came here a few days ago after i seen a set at walmart then i went back to get em and i didnt know there was 2 differnt versions. The FX55 have the 3 tips like the sony, they fit the same...
  2. BowerR64

    Pro3AA Vs. UR40?

    If you like the KSC 35 and 75 you will like the UR40s they are really similar in sound but are ALOT more comfortable. If anything the UR40s have a tad less bass because there is a little more air between them and your ear but they have the same smooth mids and i prefer the over the ear fit. The...
  3. BowerR64

    Best earbuds under $20?

    I just picked up the FX33-B and the FX55 they sound similar to what i remember the sony EX71 buds and the shure E2C. They have decent bass but the highs are still shrill and tinny. Im still stuck on the eggos and the koss clip ons. Im glad i found the set for me. Its funny i havnt been...
  4. BowerR64

    What phone do you think i should try next

    Try a set of sony D66 with a bass mod.
  5. BowerR64

    If you had $160 to spend what would you buy?

    Ide buy a new pair of D77 eggos mint. Actualy i have 2 pair and 3 66 so ide probobly buy a new digicam.
  6. BowerR64

    Should i get an amp for my ksc35's?

    Ive owned alot of the koss headphones with the KSC driver, the older one and the new titanium driver. IMO these things are easy to blow. Not blow completly dead but you can push them past their limit then they start to rattle when you get them to a certin point that lowers once they have poped...
  7. BowerR64

    I woke up scared half to death last night

    yeah binaural recordings i couldnt remember what they were called. A few are very relaxing but i threw the others in also just to fill more memory and have more to listen to. One of them sounds liek a water fall or somthing and many times last summer i woke up thinking it was raining out and...
  8. BowerR64

    I woke up scared half to death last night

    A few months back there was some links posted in the headfi sectioin of 3D recorded files of fireworks and some other ones. There is one where a guy walks threw the woods and goes fishing. For some reason i fell asleep and i was in that kinda awake kinda sleeping state and i was dreaming i was...
  9. BowerR64

    Grado street style?

    I sold the set i had last week. You guys missed em.
  10. BowerR64

    philips HS900. 17.50

    They are well worth the $17.50 if you can get past the ugly look. The colors are a bit strange.
  11. BowerR64

    In-the-ear headphones damage your ears

    The only IEMs i had problems with were the ETY and the stock flange tips. Once i cut the tips down similar to the sony EX71 it was alot more enjoyable. I had to send the ETY6i back but im using the ETY tips on the E3s and they have about the best seal. They still can create air between the tip...
  12. BowerR64

    Best cans for Rio karma?

    Ive tried most of the MP3 players avlable for 2005 and every rio i tried had the same EQ. The EQ on the rio is the best one ive tried, all the others and i mean ALL of em would distort or clip if you tried to boost anything. The rio is the only company that had a good EQ and can get a decent...
  13. BowerR64

    Sony D66 eggo mod, kinda cool with pictures

    I used these 2 computer microphone replacement elements from radio shack. Played the white noise track on a break in CD some one posted when i first joined. Into my computer threw a graph program i also found on this forum some one posted. I kinda quit my hobby with headphones because i found...
  14. BowerR64

    Does anyone know the history of the sony eggos?

    The D77 by far, the D66 isnt bad for the money if you do the bass mod. I still love my eggos, ill probobly have these for another 10 years.
  15. BowerR64

    Do you ever see other things in headphones? (picture)

    Anyone else make somthing like this?
  16. BowerR64

    Bassiest cans out there for under ~$150

    bass mode D77 egos have more bass then the DT770, but im the only one who knows this. Why else would i trade my DT770 for another pair of D77s?
  17. BowerR64

    problem with my eggos

    I notice sometimes that when its dry in my room and can rub the cable and the static from my fingers will pop and crackle threw the cable. The electricity in the air zaps the cable and then they discharge into the drivers giving a crackeling static kinda sound. I noticed it more with the...
  18. BowerR64

    Any KOSS UR-40 lovers here

    Quote: Originally Posted by jparris1 I love my UR-40s. If I don't need isolation they are my cans of choice. My favorite of the 60 ohm Koss's. Same here, for a while i got on a koss KSC 60 ohm drive kick and i got a bunch of em, if you like the UR40s you should try the R200s...
  19. BowerR64

    D66/Dxx Eggo appreciation thread

    I came here mid 2004 in search of a replacement for my D77s that i got in the mid 90s. The detachable cable on the D77s can go bad easy. After trying MANY headphones spending hundreds of dollars i wound up selling them all and buying more eggos. I traded the DT770 for another set of D77s and...
  20. BowerR64

    Am I crazy or does anyone else experience this?

    What are some other CDs that have the louder is better problem? Do you have thriller? ive always thought that album was a bit loud.
  21. BowerR64

    Showoff Your EGGOS

    They each have their own drivers. The D55 isnt that good. IMO the D55 is the budget D77 wich these 2 seem to be "home audio" design. These both have the removable cable. The D66 and D22 have teh smaller 1mm cable extension. These are more for portable use. The D33 and D11 ive never seen.
  22. BowerR64

    My Solution: Er6i and Bass

    The arnt for me. The fact your remixing all your MP3s to taylor the sound to these headphones proves they sound bad. Im not doing that with my IEMs.
  23. BowerR64

    My Solution: Er6i and Bass

    So you just remixed all your MP3s for these junk ass IEMs? no thanks, ide rahter get somthing different.
  24. BowerR64

    Showoff Your EGGOS

    If you are a fan of the eggos the D77 are the basshead cans of the eggos line. You do the bass mod to them and they will thump your skull silly. silly i tell ya SILLY! they put out some silly bass in a small package. no one believes me till they try it. Im using my D77 now watching "The...
  25. BowerR64

    Is the midrange of the DT 770 *really* that bad?

    Open the cans of the DT770 and plug the port with ductape or somthing, it will increase the mids. Not sure why but it does.