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  1. Smeckles

    New Releases 2014 - No Records Released Before 2014

      Sisyphus The finally-released Sufjan Stevens trip-hop collaboration with Son Lux and Serengeti.  My first listens were at times sweet, at times infuriating, but always interesting.
  2. Smeckles

    downtempo electronica thread

    here's the end of my "R"s Ru-Ry   Ruxpin hasn't been mentioned, at least recently.  IDM, electronica, downbeat     rykard, channeling his inner BoC.  the entire album "Arrive the Radio Beacon" is excellent  
  3. Smeckles

    Anyone interested in the subgenre of Shoegaze?

    A Sunny Day in Glasgow can be a bit all over the place at times, but much of that is spent in some shoegaze turf.  A bit of Lush, some MBV and a few others thrown in for measures. This is from Ashes Grammar.  
  4. Smeckles

    dac vs high end cd transport

    EMM Labs is no longer making the CDSA, but if you can find one on the used market and live with its limitations (it does not accept a USB input so if you want to use a PC through the internal DAC, you'll need a decent quality card with appropriate outputs), it is truly a remarkable machine for a...
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    Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

    You've actually stated the reason why all performers and most audiologists recommend using a bite-block to keep your mouth open when getting impressions done: any movement of the jaw (talking, eating, singing) while wearing the monitors will cause it to dislodge if the impression was taken in a...
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    ACS T1 Custom Review and impressions thread!

    To update: Adam and I did go back and forth a bit.  No real solution (and unfair to expect one since he's working remotely and from another country!) , but he recommend purchasing an active dehumidifier unit.  To be honest, I just don't think the issues I had were water related.  Seemed much...
  7. Smeckles

    Abbingdon Music Research DP-777 Thread

    Glad you're enjoying the DP-777.   I previously owned the AMR CD-77 which is the one-box version of the DP-777 DAC with a transport.  About a year back I did a comparison here on Head Fi of the CD-77 with several high-end DACs and it held its own against some very well rated competition.  In...
  8. Smeckles

    ACS T1 Custom Review and impressions thread!

    am i not reading this thread correctly? did you order the T1s in february 2013 or a year ago? you've got a good 6 month difference in what you posted a few pages back and what you're saying here.  frankly i would expect a minimum of a year plus of good service under normal conditions, likely...
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    How anal are you about organizing your music collection?

    Once you get above a few thousand tracks, you gotta have some kind of system otherwise, you'll never find anything!  And relying on any online tagging database system? Therein lies madness.   For non-classical, it's pretty easy:  Artist => Album => Disc # => Track #.  Compilations and...
  10. Smeckles

    ACS T1 Custom Review and impressions thread!

    Good advice, and really, thanks.  Will give it a try.  Still no response from my direct email, which is disappointing.  Every one's happy and responsive when the emails are positive and laudatory, but when there's an issue?  *crickets*
  11. Smeckles

    ACS T1 Custom Review and impressions thread!

    Hey all,   I have been happy with the fit and sound quality of my T1s since I got them in Dec of 2011, but I am more than a bit disappointed in their reliability.   I just had mine returned back to me to have them completely rebuilt for the 2nd time after purchasing them. In December of...
  12. Smeckles

    dCS Vivaldi (US$ 110,000)

    Honestly dude, I'm not even reading this wall o' text you insist on spewing.   If you can't understand the word "own" or use it correctly from one post to the next, then I don't know what you think we could possibly have to discuss. To wit: "audition" does not mean "own" like you seem to think...
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    dCS Vivaldi (US$ 110,000)

    Quote:   Ah, so when you say you've "owned" pieces, you've never actually invested your money so you haven't "owned" them.  Gotcha, Mr. Clinton.   Honestly, I got to here and stopped reading, because it's very clear that you cannot communicate effectively or honestly. You use words...
  14. Smeckles

    dCS Vivaldi (US$ 110,000)

    Ah hahahaha. I always love the thinly veiled Courtier's reply "I have so much experience, so let me tell you what you meant..." .   You're repeating the same "high end audio is dying" cliches that I have heard and read since the '80s.  Yep, any day now it will drop ...   Your Quote:  ...
  15. Smeckles

    dCS Vivaldi (US$ 110,000)

    Quote: I don't really understand your complaint here.  You realize at this level of equipment, people are not buying things unheard, don't you?  Any dealer selling these pieces is going to have an in-home audition with your equipment for you to listen to before you would purchase it.  If...
  16. Smeckles

    The Weakest Word In Music Is "Epic"

    Maybe it says more about you that you seem to hang out with oblivious people who continually do things you don't like? For example: people who repeatedly make threads in a music forum that have nothing to do with actually listening to music might really be aggravating to some people, you know...
  17. Smeckles

    Do audiophiles "like" music?

    Stop liking things I don't like!
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    Must own Psybient and Psy-Dub albums?

    Spin off projects from Shpongle are pretty good places to start, but many of the titles are rare and hard/expensive to get your hands on.   The Infinity Project (TIP) Hallucinogen (especially In Dub, which was mixed by Ott and is still in wide distribution) 1200 Micrograms Younger...
  19. Smeckles

    Singapore Meet - 7 September 2013.

    went to the show today.   In attendance are Jerry Harvey of JHAudio, Mr. Final Audio (Mr. Takai?) and Rudi of Rudistor.  Very cool and very approachable.   Pros: * many good package deals to be had (phones+amp+ DAC/stand/etc) * many brands including the Abyss and Stax hi end beauties...
  20. Smeckles

    Advice for first speakers? - Considering Omen Def, Enzo, Triton 2 and Magnepan 1.7

    I have made the room where the 2 channel system is located a dedicated listening environment. I rent as well, and my listening room is much smaller than the 20x20 quoted (roughly about 14' x 14' x 9'). The result is that 3.7s visually dominate the room (but I live alone so I don't care) , and on...
  21. Smeckles

    Advice for first speakers? - Considering Omen Def, Enzo, Triton 2 and Magnepan 1.7

    Quote: I started with the 1.7s and upgraded to the 3.7s.  My usage is likely 80-90% 2 channel music with the balance on movies and media.   Part of the problem / lure of Maggies is they are brutally revealing of your equipment when listening to music in 2 channels.  I started with an...
  22. Smeckles

    Albums that you love but EVERYONE else seems to hate

    So you're starting a thread yet not contributing anything in the first post? Can't say that's a great precedent.  If you don't have anything to start with, maybe you should save the thread for a time when you have more to start with.  
  23. Smeckles

    New Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass Amplifier - Fall Release

    Chris Martens has come out with a glowing review in the newest HiFi Plus for the LG   I won't post the whole thing here, but suffice to say he likes it.  A few choice...
  24. Smeckles


    Sorry, OP, the whole article is one big *Citation Needed.   This is the equivalent argument of "George Washington was a terrible general and should've totally used Sherman tanks and the Air Force against the British in the Revolutionary War.  It would've been much easier to win. USA! USA!" ...
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    New Boards of Canada album "Tomorrow's Harvest" coming out June 11

    Quote:   As, you've stated.  But you're pretty clear that you like because it doesn't sound like BoC, but instead because it sounds like another band.  And yes, you're more than a bit light on why this would attract large numbers of new fans, besides yourself.   I like ambient...