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  1. Dom de B

    VSonic GR01 - Lost Cage and Filter - Need to find replacement

    Hi,   I bought some GR01s recently, which have unscrewable ear pieces.   They came unscrewed and without me realising the filter and cage fell out.    Anyone got any idea how to get a hold of some new ones? I'm in the UK, so the headphones aren't available here. I bought them off...
  2. Dom de B

    Request for a personal project (Sa5000 owners needed mostly)

    If you intend to just use the drivers from a pair of SA5000's I'd be happy to buy the frames of of you? I think the headphones looks awesome, but would look better with something orthodynamic at their heart :D
  3. Dom de B

    Audeze has (DEFINITELY) something new Re: Headphones at Canjam?

    It doesn't have to be portable but something closed back would be brilliant   Perhaps something like the Denon 2000 range, but obviously with the Audez'e's superb sound.
  4. Dom de B

    Boost the D2000´s beyond their capability ?

    I'm pretty sure you will damage your ears before you damage your headphones.   All you are doing is sending more volume/power to your headphones.   The only problem with high gain is with most amps is comes with high/higher distortion.    
  5. Dom de B

    I accidently 'liked' a post while i was on my phone

    I was recently browsing the heaphones forum when i accidnetly liked someones post while i was scrolling down the page. Is there a way i can reverse this?   Its not 100% necessary but in my opinion its a bit awkward that i said 'thanks' when he wasn't helping me out and it wasn't really on...
  6. Dom de B

    Creative Labs Aurvana 3 Dual Driver IEM Giveaways & Discounts - A new favorite of ours!

    Had my Zen Nano for ages and then i lost the little thing, I was so upset, i had asked my parents for one for literally two straight months, it was even our desktop background for a while ;)   On top of that My EP630's have been my back up IEMs for a very long time. I'm yet to find a better...
  7. Dom de B

    Closed back headphones for £300 or less

    I'm in the same boat, i had no replies for a couple of days but now i have a couple of useful items.   our tastes are different but they are headphones you could check out.
  8. Dom de B

    Closed Headphones - I Need Some Help

    I've looked into the T5P but not a lot. I will definitely look at the T70P   I think you are the first person to recommend the Shure SRH-940 i think i've seen people talking about other shures but i never looked into it.   I don't know if i said i wanted Circumaural but i should probably...
  9. Dom de B

    Closed Headphones - I Need Some Help

    I can buy an amp. I'm pretty much looking at amps anyway. So yeah these will be amped.   I'd prefer a flat frequency response over a bass boosted response.
  10. Dom de B

    Closed Headphones - I Need Some Help

    Can anyone direct me in even the slightest direction or do i need to change/ add any details?
  11. Dom de B

    Closed Headphones - I Need Some Help

    Hi, I was just wondering if any of you could help me either choose or at least help me on my way to choose a pair of closed headphones.   I listen to Dubstep, Indie, Future Gararge, Post Dubstep (Both the last two pretty much encompass anything produced electronically that doesn't fit into...
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