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  1. jamont

    Handel Messiah

    Quote: Originally Posted by DarkAngel I may regret the Beecham/RCA purchase, but have to hear what "Beecham orchestration" sound like since apparently he ignores convention and plays Messiah as sweeping romantic piece instead of baroque style And he touches up the orchestration...
  2. jamont

    PPL's L.I.S.A II Amp

    Nice job, Nisbeth!
  3. jamont

    Can anyone recommend an online DVD store in Australia?

    Just to close this out, I browsed the offerings at dvdplaza and made an order with and my friend received her DVD yesterday. Thanks again for the help guys!
  4. jamont

    Can anyone recommend an online DVD store in Australia?

    I live in the US and want to send a DVD to a friend in Australia. Can anyone down under recommend a good online DVD shop in Australia? Thanks!
  5. jamont

    Millet Hybrid Construction Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by multibit16 No problem BTW I've run these regs output at 30v with no problem to power a Naim Pre-amp, 27v for the main psu in a cdp etc, I've never had one fail yet. Theres a lot of guys who use the SR's set to 24v to run the old Nac42.5 pre's on Pinkfish...
  6. jamont

    Millet Hybrid Construction Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by multibit16 I'm going to try an ALW super regulator to power mine seeing as though I have one spare. I've always thought this would make a lot of sense with the Millet amp. Let us know how it works.
  7. jamont

    Beethoven's Piano Sonatas

    Quote: Originally Posted by scottder PS is this the "Late Sonatas" discs you were referring to? Yes, highly recommended!
  8. jamont

    Regulated Power Supply kits on Ebay any good for us?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dsavitsk Parts Express offers Velleman kits for about $13. The TREAD was designed in part to correct problems with the Velleman board, so it's probably a better choice, tangent offers a kit with higher quality parts for I think $15. I've built both and...
  9. jamont

    DMM Suggestions

    Quote: Originally Posted by bigcat39 Oh btw I'm a metrologist by trade Do you have any opinion on the HP 3468B? These can do 4-wire measurements and have sold for under $100 on ebay.
  10. jamont

    100 kV switcher

    Quote: Originally Posted by kevin gilmore death on a stick (picker transformer based unit from the late 1960's. Still works great. No one wants to mess with this thing anymore including me) (more than 700 lbs and filled with liquid PCB's) Ah, Picker X-Ray! Brings back fond (and...
  11. jamont

    Alternate source for Millet-Hybrid PCB

    Quote: Originally Posted by Voodoochile As for the PSU, while a wall-wart is okay, a decent linear makes a marked improvement. Jamont mentioned this earlier also. I found an open-frame linear (Sola or Power-One) 28v PSU for about $15. These retail for closer to $70, and they show up in...
  12. jamont

    Stravinsky - Rite of Spring

    Stravinsky's own recording is a great place to start, and the sound is quite good. There are many other good ones, I also like Bernstein and Davis.
  13. jamont

    STEPS 1.2 ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by guzzler To gain interest in discrete regulators, we need some cheap, high quality discrete amplifiers that use true ground, as opposed the virtual I agree that discrete circuits are more likely to benefit from the use of low-noise discrete regulators...
  14. jamont

    (Now Finished) PCM2902 USB-S/PDIF PCB Group Buy

    Got mine today, thanks again Gus!
  15. jamont

    ExpressPCB v5.1.0 supports copper fills and custom pads

    I played with this a bit this afternoon, it looks nice. Bye-bye Eagle...
  16. jamont

    aph47 amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by tyre Very nice work!
  17. jamont

    In Praise of Roy Harris' Third Symphony

    I have enjoyed Bernstein's first (1961) recording of the Harris 3rd for almost 40 years, and had the good fortune to hear him conduct a live performance with the New York Philharmonic. It's a wonderful piece.
  18. jamont

    Recent classical purchases

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnyears if anyone can recommend a really great Mozart 40 for both sound quality and performance, I would appreciate it. Try Benjamin Britten's recording with the ECO (Decca).
  19. jamont

    interest check: universal psu boards

    Quote: Originally Posted by tangent You mean like this? Very compact layout. The lightning bolt is a nice touch
  20. jamont

    How many resistors is enough?

    They problem I see with mathematical models for component matching is that they make assumptions about the distribution of values that may not be true in practice. If you buy a bag of resistors the distribution of values is likely to be influenced by the vendors manufacturing and selection...
  21. jamont

    Need a new Shostakovich VC recording

    Vengerov is a great choice. Also consider Mordkovich, Salerno-Sonnenberg (1st only) and Sitkovetsky. Kaler is a good budget alternative.
  22. jamont

    Best Recordings of THE PLANETS?

    In addition, there are two very good recordings by Mehta - one with the LA Philharmonic (Decca) and a later one with the NY Philharmonic (Teldec) - both recommended.
  23. jamont

    PPA v2 construction discussion

    Quote: Originally Posted by stadams ppl addressed this earlier in post #16 I believe. He gives a good explanation between there differences and possible effects on the circuit. I'm going blind, thanks!