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  1. tjohnusa

    Three Word Story

    a 2x4 shoved
  2. tjohnusa

    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 vs budget amp and bookshelf speakers

    I vote for the Klipsch. The bass can't be matched by a 5.5 or 6.5 bookshelf woofer. I own a selection of bookshelf speakers and also the Klipsch (sadly the amp crapped out on me) the overall sound of the promedia rivals a larger set up in both sound quality and volume. The Klipsch 2.1 is a great...
  3. tjohnusa

    Bluetooth speakers

    I recently purchased a Photive Soundscape 8 form Amazon: I have stereos at hand most places in the house so I didn't really need this but gadgetitise bit me. I did have a ihome ibn24 and used it mainly...
  4. tjohnusa

    The 360 can't be that bad as a transport can it?

    To revive an old thread. I just got a Star Wars 360 from my son and is my source for my computer room stereo. I am running the hdmi to a dell monitor and using the 3.5mm out of the monitor. I am quite impressed with cd output. I don't know what dacs the monitor has or if the output of the xbox...
  5. tjohnusa

    M6 PRO Impressions

    These are the first IEM's I have purchased in quite a while. I have listened to Shure 4's as my main IEM for a long time and wanted to update. I picked these up for $50 on Amazon and am very happy with them. I installed the bi-flanges right off the bat and they give me great isolation and...
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  11. tjohnusa

    Georgia Coastal Area Meet

    Hey!   I am in Beaufort so a Savannah meet would be something I would be in for. I have tried to get a meet before with little success so hopefully we have more area members now. I am low on gear but have a couple portable items to bring, would love to hear some other gear. About 2 or 3 years...
  12. tjohnusa

    South Carolina (Charleston, Columbia)?

    I am way down in Beaufort but am willing to drive a bit. Charleston would be great if someone has the this point a garage would be fine. I will subscribe to this thread and hope we can get something going. I will represent low fi....or modest fi.
  13. tjohnusa

    RIP Richie Havens.

    Agreed.......he was the voice of Woodstock....RIP
  14. tjohnusa

    Klipsch Woot deal

    Klipsch Image E1 for $14.99....anyone have these? I can't seem to find any reviews but for $15 I can't get hurt that bad buy getting these.....s/h $5.00
  15. tjohnusa

    Shure E4C - Reviews, Opinions & Ramblings Thread

    Resurecting this thread with the question of; If you still own a set of these do they get any airtime? In addition what if any low cost newer IEM have a like sound signiture? I still listen to mine mostly when cutting grass and quiet listening from time to time. I rarely see these for sale in...
  16. tjohnusa

    Band Name Game II

    Quote: Renissance
  17. tjohnusa

    Album art game

        Yes - Tormato
  18. tjohnusa

    Why have we become audiophiles.

    Quote: Kind of in the same era as you.....I worked in a local sales and repair hifi store in the repair dept. Previous to that in high school I was in a group of kids that older brothers had some nice speaker setups...most notably a Phase Linear powered Klipsch Cornwall...
  19. tjohnusa

    Sandy Hook Elementary

    What happened is in everyones eyes a terrible tragedy....mine also. But I must question if god is a benefull god...then why allow this to happen? There are 20  innocents that can't be explained away other than it was god's will?
  20. tjohnusa

    2012 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    Nice to see folks step up.....sadly there will be some people burned for whatever reason.....sad....
  21. tjohnusa

    Head-Fi 2012 Christmas Gift Exchange Whadjaget? Thread

    You people can't wait for Christmas!?
  22. tjohnusa

    Simple Amp + 2 small speaker set up

    don't forget that resistors heat up also.
  23. tjohnusa

    Anyone here use an E-Cig?

    I have looked up some forums but they look like they are adverts for certain brands...v2 as I mentioned before seems quite dominant. Starter kits range from $75-$150 so I would like to just buy one.