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  1. keppa

    New AKG K495 and K490 Noise Cancelling Cans

    Thank you for your post! This is exactly what I fear, that these headphones just have a design flaw in the construction and this will happen again in future. And I have to pinpoint that these have mostly been in use at work and therefor have experienced very little stress. And when they have...
  2. keppa

    New AKG K495 and K490 Noise Cancelling Cans

    Seriously, a half-a-year later and the plastic bit right in the very end of the phone gets broken. And no abuse on these phones whatsoever. Do seriously hope that these get repaired/replaced and that this isn't a common thing that will happen again in the future again. Or does anybody have idea...
  3. keppa

    Show us your vintage headphones!

    Did found this kind of Alaric's phones a bit beaten up laying around at my workplace. Heard that bass is non existent in these, but am interested to get a test drive some day.
  4. keppa

    AKG K-495nc

    Just replaced my B&W P5's into these as my phones at my workplace. The fact that these keep on going even when the battery dries out was the thing that sold these to me, alongside the sound. When I was getting my P5's I was in verge with them and the Bose QC3/QC15. The sound of the Bose wasn't...
  5. keppa

    Grado pads – taped TTVJ flats: has anyone tried this before?

    Have been trying to test this mod out for a while now, but yet haven't quite got to it... but will do. Have also been wondering is there any mods to G-cushes to not mess with the overall sound as many have said. Have tested them out on PS500 instore and did not feel they messed up the sound...
  6. keppa

    Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread Makes me wonder whether the reviewer himself is much of a target for these $400 headphones. Him wondering the replacement cord without the mic/quick buttons without any sound change makes me...
  7. keppa

    Little brother absolutely wants beats for Christmas. Refuses Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, PSB, Focal and V-Moda

    I agree. He'll grow up to be an audiophile if he wants to. Ofcourse he should value your opinion, and propably will in future, but as for now if beats will make him happy then what the heck. Sure a better spend for the money should be something to always go after, but you know kids.. or even adults.
  8. keppa

    Grado 325is and PS500

    I do feel that I'm qualified to comment about this, since I did have my decision between exactly 325is and PS500. What I'm not denying is the fact that both (and even the whole Grado product line) might use the very same speaker. If company were to design a working base for it's products, using...
  9. keppa

    New AKG Headphones "By Tiësto"

    Quote:   Sorry for the OT but the Yamaha Nu-1 caught my eye. Anyhow which headphone has that coiled wire? I've looked for one.
  10. keppa

    Grado Fan Club!

    I too think that the RS1/2 are one damn pretty pair of phones. Have though so for years!
  11. keppa

    Grado Fan Club!

    Quote:   Whoa! I did get my PS500's for 649€ (~518£) from here Finland, so not quite as cheap as overseas, but still not near to $1,100. The prices there seriously need sorting.
  12. keppa

    Grado Fan Club!

    Quote:   Yeh true, that's why I try to keep to local shops when shopping audio related stuff, because the chance to test out and experience at the shop is something I would like to keep available. The 500's have been excellent so far, though I do miss the mids when on the piano. Well...
  13. keppa

    Grado Fan Club!

    Quote: Yeh, I actually got to test all 325is, RS2i and then PS500 next to each other, and your description is right. If the brightness of the 325is would have been the problem for me, then the RS2i would have been my choice to go. But as I do own a 2.1. set instead of 2.0. it either...
  14. keppa

    Grado Fan Club!

    I actually decided to go with the 500's already. But as I noticed there at the store already, the piano sound is mellower and has more bass notes to it, so no suprise here. What I cannot now test out is that do I actually feel the sound is still more real than on the 325is'. But don't get me...
  15. keppa

    Grado Fan Club!

    I've actually also begun to think of upgrading from 325is to ps500 after visiting this fair yesterday and giving them a new listening. Although I got the 325is in soul purpose of them sounding good on my digital piano, I have started to think would the ps500 still fit better for allrounded, as...
  16. keppa

    Questions for Finland Head-Fiers(traveling)

    Well everything might be impossible yes, but quite a lot you can see in short time since this is still quite small country. And for that the flights inside Finland are quite unnecessary, unless you want to visit both down south as lapland up north. By the way, you might actually get cheaper...
  17. keppa

    You know you're an audiophile when...

    Love them!
  18. keppa

    post your grado mods....

    Also can you say does simply taking the mid button off from the grill affect the sound signature somehow?  have been thinking of doing that for my 325is' but wan't to know would I be affecting the sound in the process. 
  19. keppa

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Quote:   Thanks! In that sense the Amphions fit there perfectly.    And yeh must admit that on equipment for the sake of equipment, not just soundwise decisions made here. But more to hide away the equipment in plain sight ;)
  20. keppa

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Yeh, sure thing. Got them in silver finish to fit the Rel and Peachtree to make them a matching bunch.          Meh, whatever with the straight image link.
  21. keppa

    Fixing Westone UM2 plug?

    Just as an update, did go and have the plug replaced with a Neutrik one, and heard that the wiring is a bit tricky to weld as each cable had two cables twisted together and separated by thin cotton type material. But work now just fine once again.  
  22. keppa

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Peachtree usually serving my Amphion Ion + Rel Quake 2.1, and Grado's my Yamaha NU1 piano, purpose for which they sound very nice!
  23. keppa

    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    The three that work for me:   Porcupine Tree – The Sound Of Muzak   A Perfect Circle – The Package   Pearl Jam – Jeremy   But surely not the best three to test out new headphones.
  24. keppa

    Fixing Westone UM2 plug?

    As it seems the plug in my UM2's has suffered enough to not work properly any more. So choices are to either send them back to Westone to be fixed, or then go and replace the plug with a new one. Sending them over seas back to the U.S. here from Finland is one thing, but another is not...
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