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  2. LithoJazoSphere

    White Pro700MK2?

    Are you sure it's Mark 2 instead of Mark 1?  I have a friend who has the white Mark 1, but I hadn't heard of white Mark 2s.  Is this the one in question?  I think the originals are more neutral, and he uses them for mixing live sound.  
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  4. LithoJazoSphere

    Comfort over sound, what pair of headphones should I get?

    I'd suggest the DT-770.  Extremely comfortable, even moreso than the D5000 (and since it has velour instead of pleather pads, it won't even get sweaty), and while not noise cancelling, it has good isolation.  I'm not sure how large your ears are, but I'm of slightly larger than average height...
  5. LithoJazoSphere

    The best bass reproduction available?

    The highest quality I've heard came from an Ultrasone Edition 8 that I demoed.  It was powerful and well-extended, yet didn't seem to intrude into and muddy up the mids in the slightest, though it did have an overall V-shape.  I liked the bass I heard from it better than even the LCD-3 and HE-6...
  6. LithoJazoSphere

    First headphones after discovering Head-Fi

    My first pair after starting to browse here was the HFI-780.  Loved them, but wanted more bass, so after exhaustive research I almost bought the HFI-580, but upgrade-itis won out and I got the Pro 900.  In the meantime during all that research I also picked up a couple of "cheap" cans (XB-500...
  7. LithoJazoSphere

    Recommend closed, very bright, detailed headphones?

    Also chiming in to to recommend the SRH-940.
  8. LithoJazoSphere

    Looking for quality CLOSED headphones under $1,000

    If the leakage and isolation on the D7000 is anything like the D5000, you don't want them.  They're not as bad as the HD-650, but they're still not very good in that department.    The SRH-940 is an overall amazing headphone which ticks most of your boxes, except for the punchy bass, which...
  9. LithoJazoSphere

    Best headphones for rock, metal?

    Low impedance is not a bad starting point, but it can be a little misleading in terms of how hard a headphone is to drive, because you have to take into account sensitivity and other factors.  And even if the volume is loud enough, the sound quality can still be lacking if a headphone is not...
  10. LithoJazoSphere

    Ultrasone Edition 8 vs. Beyerdynamic T5P, anybody?

    This is such a strange comparison.  I haven't heard the T5P, though I have heard the Ed8, and from listening experience on one and readings on the other, they are far from competitors other than being top of the line closed cans.  It's almost like asking about the SR-60i vs. the XB-500.  Both...
  11. LithoJazoSphere

    Update on Denon AH-D2000 vs. Sony XB Series (Bass)

      Quote: You haven't heard the Ultrasone Edition 8 by any chance, have you?  Of ones I've heard, that's the only one I would say is overall better than the D5000.     Quote: The XB-500 that the OP has is even more powerful across the entire bass frequency spectrum than...
  12. LithoJazoSphere

    help with ultrasone models

      Quote: It depends on what kind of bass you're looking for.  The Pro 900 has an extremely fast, powerful, punchy, mid-bass oriented sound.  It pounds out rapid DnB tracks or modern metal with double bass like none other.  The DT-770 has a slower, boomy sort of bass that digs deep...
  13. LithoJazoSphere

    help with ultrasone models

      Quote: If you are really sensitive to strong treble you'd probably want to stay away from most Ultrasones altogether, but especially the Pro 900 and HFI-780.  I don't personally find them harsh, but they are very bright and aggressive.  I tend to like that sort of sound (I also like...
  14. LithoJazoSphere

    The hate on beats, why?

    Every hobby needs a villain.  Beats (also Bose and Skullcandy) fulfill that role in this one.  Most people haven't experienced high-quality headphones, so it's easy to think that Beats and other products aren't that bad, given that they do sound better than stock iBuds and such.  I don't hate...
  15. LithoJazoSphere

    what would be the best bang for the buck for listening to dubstep

    If you can find them these days, the XB-500 is a great value, but it doesn't have a replaceable cord.  Same deal with the Panasonic RP-HTF600, though you can occasionally find it for as low as $25.  It doesn't have quite as much bass, but is an astounding value at that price.
  16. LithoJazoSphere

    Closed headphones : Bass like DT770 Pro/80, but better mids?

    Assuming you are properly driving them, it depends upon what kind of music you're listening to and what sort of sound you're looking for.  Their frequency response is one of the most extreme v-curves out there, but they're still quite clear, even in the mids.  If you're looking for a headphone...
  17. LithoJazoSphere

    Best headphone for heavy metal/dubstep for 300 dollars or less?

    Quote: Grados are great for metal, but they don't have the low-end extension and power to convey dubstep very well.  Between the Pro 900 and D5000 (which should be very similar to the D2000), I prefer the Pro 900 a little bit for these genres, though both are excellent choices.  My...
  18. LithoJazoSphere

    Voices of Passion - Were to find similar Female Vocals ?

    Try this. she's one of my absolute favorite vocalists.  
  19. LithoJazoSphere

    is FiiO E7 good enough for PRO 900

    I prefer the E11 with the Pro 900, but it's not that much of a difference over the E7, so I'd say you're fine, assuming you don't have the cash to blow on the really nice portable amps.
  20. LithoJazoSphere

    Like Metal, but don't like the cookie monster death vocals? ...Have you listened to Opeth?

      Quote: Their albums Damnation and Heritage are completely bereft of growls.   I haven't been here long enough to really have a pulse on what people in general know on this forum, but in the larger musical world, Opeth is one of the most popular metal groups, and I'm also skeptical...
  21. LithoJazoSphere

    Listening quality?

    The SR-60i is one of the easiest headphones to drive, so it doesn't really "need" anything.  But getting a line out dock and even a simple amplifier like the E5 or E11 will be a solid improvement over the iPod's headphone jack.
  22. LithoJazoSphere

    Bought Ultrasone HFI-780, not satisfied

    You can get an amp for a little as $20-$30 like the FiiO E5 or E6.  They get better as you go up in price, and a lot of people have the E7, E10, or E11.  Something like a DT-770 Pro 80-ohm and a FiiO E11 would give you a ton of bass, quite good sound quality (leaps and bounds ahead of the Beats...
  23. LithoJazoSphere

    Really want some Grado's...

    When I didn't really have any other basis for comparison the "onstage with the band" description seemed apt, but now after the SR-325is, the DT-770, etc., the low-end Grados just feel too smothering.
  24. LithoJazoSphere

    Really want some Grado's...

    The SR-80i is open, but it doesn't sound that way, nor is it airy.  But if you do find it that way, you are in for a treat with the higher end models.  Much bigger soundstage.
  25. LithoJazoSphere

    Spent So Much Money and Still Disappointed

      Quote: That doesn't follow.  He was burned by "bad" recommendations.  That's like saying because someone didn't like a fast food hamburger they were recommended, that they should ignore all recommendations after that.  Any article that says cans like the HD-515 are amazing and...