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  1. drivers66

    AKG 551 vs 550 (sonic only)

    I have both and i'm not able to find any sonic difference. 
  2. drivers66

    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

     I would tell you to try another unit. I have a K550 from long time ago and never experienced such ringing. I mainly listen classic music, progressive rock, some vocals, and some classic rock.    For amping the K550 i use almost everything, from a Sansa Clip, X3, Topping TP D1, Matrix M-Stage..
  3. drivers66

    Q701 impressions thread

    Mi wife made for me the following mod for the Q701. The mod is fixed with Velcro(c) and can be removed for washing very easily. Now i can wear the headphone for hours without any uncomfort.  
  4. drivers66

    VSonic VSD1/VSD1S Reviews/Impression Thread

    Hi n0str3ss.   I use them every day, and for me they still are an amazing bargain. I've compared them with the GR07 face to face,, and, may be the GR07 is a bit more precise (you have to look for subtle details to notice the differences) and equilibrated. Bass notes have more impact in the...
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    The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

    Isolation: even,, and none of them excels in this aspect. Detail, SQ, Comfort, : Pro80. Build Quality: Pro 80 by a huge difference, moslty metal (aluminum and magnesium) vs fine plastic on the Senn..   For the genres you menction i would go for the open version of the Pro80, the HI2050...
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    The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

    In a nutshell, HM5 is quite treble light, more or less on the "dark side" and Pro80 is much, much brighter. Bass is quite good in both of them, with more extension on the Pro80. Both have a very good middle range, but with the Pro favoring male voices.
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    The Somic Thread--50mm driver open air full size cans pop out of nowhere, sound amazing

    Still Enjoying ? They are addictive !!, It is one of funniest headphones i've heard. I've more than 30 headphones, some of then very expensive (AKG. Senn, Sony) and these are still one of my favorites.. They sound simply amazing. As you say,, they put a smile in your face. 
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    akg k167 tiesto - broke 2 times in the same place

    Same here, mine broke after only three month of use. Fortunately Amazon gave my money back. 
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    AKG K550 gaming and movies

    Quote: You can buy them for 130 Euro (may be plus 8 euro for shipping) at
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    problem with akg k167 tiesto broken with no reason

      Mine got broken exactly in the same way.. ¿ Are you sure it is not a design flaw ? I returned them and got my money back..
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  12. drivers66

    AKG K550 vs Denon AH-D600 vs Others

    I have a AKG K550 and have tried UE6000 many times, and i prefer the more equilibred AKG sound. Furthermore, here in Spain K550 is 120 euro and UE6000 costs 200 euro.
  13. drivers66

    Closed. Flat response. Soundstage. Does something like that exists?

    Quote: I full agree with your wiev of the fullier bloodied sounding Shure in front of the more spacious AKG, but i would like to point another difference, the Shure fails a bit short in the low basses. AKG has a very good bass extension (provided you get a good seal), and shure has a...
  14. drivers66

    Help me decide between the AKG K550 or B&W P5

    My vote goes to AKG K550, mine sounds great, i prefer them to the P5 with a great difference, due to the higher detail and naturality the AKG provides. I've had not problems of fitting so far. Furthermore, here in Spain P5 is 300 euro and AKG 120 euro, a huge price difference.  
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    New here... any tips? ATH-M50s

    Quote: Well, compared with headphones that can be easily moved from a movil phone, that i thought they were the ones we were talking about.. I can't imagine moving the Staxs form a iphone.. (well, in fact i can't imagine moving the DT 880 directly from a movil phone)..   But you are...
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    Best Headphone under $200?

    Quote: UE cames from Ultimate Ears,, a very good audio company bought by logitech four years ago..
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    Best Headphone under $200?

    Quote: I have the AKG K550 and have had the opportunity to try the UE6000 many times. I prefer the sound and the comfort of the AKG by far, but as kman211 correctly points, probably it's a question of your personal preference. I find the UE6000 a bit far agressive and dark, may be better in...
  18. drivers66

    Disappointed with the AKG K550 – Where is the bass?

    I have both the Superlux 681 and the AKG K550,, and i consider the bass from K550 far better than the 681. The 681 has even les bass that the Samson sr850 (also made by Superlux). I thing you have a problem of sealing, as, once the K550 is properly placed over your ears, the bass, without being...
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    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

    Quote:   I have a K550 and no problem with the headband nor with he adjustement.
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    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

    Quote: I bought my own K550 at that shop. May be the look of the web is not the more depurate, but i had no problems with them.   You can also get them by 165 euro at Last week they were prized 140 euro, but the price has raised, may be, with a little of patiente, the go down...
  21. drivers66

    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

    Yes, brand new, online.
  22. drivers66

    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

    Quote: Here, in Spain, you can get them for 120 euro. 
  23. drivers66

    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

    Quote: I do, and i love how it sounds. Furthermore, for unknown reasons, here in Spain the K550 is ridicously cheap, you can get it for 120 Euro.. I think that for that price the headphone is unbeatable..