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  1. Dutchi MerenGue

    Swan M10 or Bose Companion 2

    the bass isnt really strong at all, most people place them on their desk because it just isnt powerful enough to feel when placed on the floor.  as far as sound goes it really does help fill out the bottom registers, they're probably going to put out more bass than the micca bookshelfs you're...
  2. Dutchi MerenGue

    REVIEW: Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11

    just came in to say, if your volume pot ever gets crackly, before you go out to buy a can of deoxit or something similar, try turning your pot all the way left to right, back and forth about 20 to 30 times to clear out any dust etc.     that crackling was driving me crazy, i thought it was my...
  3. Dutchi MerenGue

    RCA to XLR interface?

    Ahhh, thanks to the both of you, I was afraid I would have to spend the same or more I did on the speakers just to get the, to interface with my gear, thanks for the quick response from you 2
  4. Dutchi MerenGue

    RCA to XLR interface?

    I just bought some yamaha hs5 studio monitors and I need a way for them to interface with my grant fidelity tubedac 11 (dac/amp combo) which only have rca outs. They offer line level out, solid state and tube outs all via RCA but my speakers can on,y take xlr or trs What's the best way for me...
  5. Dutchi MerenGue

    KOSS KDE-250 Owners club - The privileged few...

    I'm late I know but tilting them is exactly what I would have suggested lol As far as everything else, my ears are wierd, i use the smallest hook on my right ear and tilt the earphones back while twisting the clasp I guess inwardly, on the other ear i use the medium hook, still tilt them back...
  6. Dutchi MerenGue

    LOD for PSP Go?

    4 years late but maybe this will help someone down the road. There's a Chinese made headphone remote control that plugs into the pspgo dock for audio, I haven't tested it out yet to see if it truly bypasses the amp to give you line out but i hint it does. I plan on hooking it up my digizoid and...
  7. Dutchi MerenGue

    Sony XB500? PLEASE HELP

    m50's will probably last you longer in the end. i've had 3 pairs of xb500's and always end up blowing a driver on them
  8. Dutchi MerenGue

    ATH-M50s vs XB-500s vs Other

    I've blown out the drivers on 3 separate pairs of xb500's while amping them Word of caution my friend.
  9. Dutchi MerenGue

    Suggest me some headphones with good bass that can vibrate and shake your head?

    No offense but the last thing in the world you would want to recommend a basshead is a pair of grado anythings Grado's are known the world over for their treble, the highs (often strident highs depending on who's telling the story) bass is not exactly a priority with grados especially in the...
  10. Dutchi MerenGue

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Vs Sony XB 1000 Or Suggestions For Subsonic bass-head cans?

    I have the xb1000 and believe me when I say that if sub bass is what you want sub bass is what you will get. Make sure you have an amp, 70 mm drivers aren't all that easy o drive out of an iPhone This set is perfect for uk based dubstep like emalkay and loefah which focus more on the lower...
  11. Dutchi MerenGue

    Suggest me some headphones with good bass that can vibrate and shake your head?

    Avoid the m50's theyre not real basshead phones, also the xb1000's are sub bass focused, they have probably the most sub bass you can get out of a headphone but theyre all rumble no slam, same with lcd-2's My suggestion is get the ath pro-700's mkII and either keep em stock or switch them out...
  12. Dutchi MerenGue

    Suggest me some headphones with good bass that can vibrate and shake your head?

    before i suggest anything, you have an amp right? 
  13. Dutchi MerenGue

    Best Bass Headphones in The World

      how much does the bass differ from the th-900 to the lcd-2? i kno you have both but i've never seen anyone speak on it   also how different is the bass between the th-900 & the th-600?
  14. Dutchi MerenGue

    digiZoid ZO2.3 Impression & Discussion Thread

    You tend to get better results when double amping the zo2 if the amp comes first in the chain after the iPod line out and then from there use headphone out to zo2 on high gain. Only way it seems to avoid distortion
  15. Dutchi MerenGue

    AKG Q701 bass

    Jesus, +20 gain on your m stage? Why so much?
  16. Dutchi MerenGue

    Olympus m robe 100 & m trip software

    I just recently purchased 2 m robe 100's, one of them works perfect but im stuck with the music on it since i can't find the proprietary software (m trip) to load and unload music on it anywhere online. The other m robe i had to completely wipe so its blank, i can't get rockbox on it without...
  17. Dutchi MerenGue

    C&C TU Portable Tube Amp Review

    Lol oh was that you? Yeah I guess it was me, I think you were the only one who had them on these boards and was considering letting them go Sucks for me i guess
  18. Dutchi MerenGue

    Audeze LCD-2 TOO HEAVY

    I have the leather band and bamboo lcd2's, also have a custom cable thats pretty thick and doesn't flex much which probably doesn't help much. To add to what I said earlier and what ome people are beginning to echo in this thread, i usually sit in a recliner when i listen to music or if on my...
  19. Dutchi MerenGue

    Which Beyerdynamics for Hip-Hop Instrumentals?

    From what I've read the beyer 770's 80 ohm version have the most bass and would probably best suit your needs, the dt1350's might also be something to look at
  20. Dutchi MerenGue

    Audeze LCD-2 TOO HEAVY

    My problem is not that they're heavy but that the way the weight is distributed is terrible. The entire time theyre on im fully aware that theyre on because im never truly 100% comfortable, all the weight is on my ears and side of head but feel nothing on top through the band. I would almost...
  21. Dutchi MerenGue

    Is there a headphone that can provide more bass than the Sony XB500?

    The xb1000's have more sub bass than any other in the xb line, more so than even the LCD 2 even, but it oesnt really have that mid bass punch that the xb500 and othe bass oriented headphones have. Songs like cookie monsta's ginger pubes or dead prez hip hop which have long rumbling bass lines...
  22. Dutchi MerenGue

    Best choice for portable Amp for LCD-2s??

    I dont know how portable some of you guys would consider the o2 but that has more than enough power to drive my lcd2's for a couple of hours on high gain
  23. Dutchi MerenGue

    AKGs with good soundstage?

    At that price its going to be rough, check the buy/sell forum and hope to get lucky with some used k501's in bad but working condition
  24. Dutchi MerenGue

    Best Headphones For Dubstep and Trap : Under $165

    Quote: yup. this is very true.     buy one now while you can still get them at a reasonable price, they're discontinued.     word to the wise, if you do end up getting these, be careful with how you amp them and eq them. I've owned 3 separate pairs and I've blown out the drivers...
  25. Dutchi MerenGue

    D7000 vs xb1000?

    Quote: While youre entitled to your opinion, I also remember you being the only person on this site (or anywhere else really) to describe them as such     "bright" is the last word i would use to describe them