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  1. Waxletter

    hifiman he400se or the philips shp9500

    Coming from the perspective of someone who owns a 9500 and a 400S (Not the same as the 400SE but pretty darn close), I'd say: -About the same in terms of space. -The SHP9500 is flatter. -Comfort is kinda variable here. The SHP9500s are lighter and feel less present (if that makes any sense)...
  2. Waxletter

    What Obscure Headphones Have You Found Online?

    When it comes to the rabbit hole that is Hifi, there are a lot of products that don't really show up on the surface too often. Every once in a while, while I'm looking through these forums or just doing a basic Google image search, I'll see a pair of hifi cans that have gone relatively unnoticed...
  3. Waxletter

    Which headphones have bass like the Sony XB700?

    Just checked online. There are a few listings on Aliexpress and Amazon that feature XB500-1000 replacement pads. XB700s also go for pretty cheap on Ebay if you're willing to buy used, but since you already have a pair, I doubt that info is useful.
  4. Waxletter

    Chi-fi Power Supply Replacements?

    Well that explains the comments! I guess I'll have to measure the diameter myself if I pick one up. Thanks for the enlightening reply!
  5. Waxletter

    Chi-fi Power Supply Replacements?

    Background Hi guys! New user of the forum here. I've been looking into chifi DACs and tube preamps for awhile and I keep seeing the same consistent comments in the reviews. They always go something like this: The products usually have this same power supply in all of their images...
  6. Waxletter

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi! I've been a lurker for a few weeks here, just now making an account. I mainly collect low-budget over ears, and my favorite thing about this hobby is researching vintage headphones. Looking forward to posting here!