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  1. goldendarko

    Comment by 'goldendarko' on listing 'Auralic Aries (Femto) + SBOOSTER Ultra LPS'

    I have the original box but not sure about the power supply, I believe I just have the upgraded one but I can look today.
  2. iFi iPower 15V Power Adapter

    I am looking to sell an iFi iPower 15V Power Adapter. I've never actually used it so it is in like new condition. Retails for $50. Thanks!
  3. Audioquest Cinnamon AES/EBU XLR Interconnect - .75 meters or 2'5" feet.

    Looking to sell my Audioquest Cinnamon AES/EBU XLR Interconnect. It is .75 meters or 2'5" feet. I paid $80 for it new and actually only used it once, so its like brand new. Includes original box as well. Thanks!
  4. Audioquest Forest USB A-B Cable (1.5 meter / 5 ft.)

    Looking to sell my Audioquest Forest USB A-B cable (1.5 meter or 5 feet). Still in good condition, just dont need it any longer. Original box is included, paid $80 new for it. Thanks
  5. Audioquest Cobra RCA Interconnects - 1 meter (3.28 ft) (Pair)

    I am looking to sell my Audioquest Cobra RCA Interconnects. It is a pair and they are 1 meter each (3.28 ft). Still in excellent condition I have just sold my setup I used these with. Paid $180 new. Thanks! Also, I thought I had the box somewhere but I can’t find it so I’ll say no box included...
  6. goldendarko

    Feedback by 'goldendarko' on listing 'Schiit Yggdrasil DAC'

    Perfect buyer, speedy payment and responses, a pleasure to trade with. 10/10 would swap again!
  7. DHC Complement 4 / Spore 4 - Silver OCC Litz Flagship Cable from Double Helix Cables, 1/4 inch plug to 2.5mm for HE1000 headphones (also have 2.5mm to 4 pin mini XLR adapter for Audeze LCD headphones)

    Hi I'm looking to sell my Double Helix Cables Complement 4 / Spore4 Flagship Cable. It is pure Silver OCC Litz which is a great pairing with the HE1000's I used it with as well as Audeze LCD's to lighten their sound signature a bit. It has a 1/4 inch termination on the amp end and 2.5mm...
  8. ALO Audio Studio Six

    I am looking to sell my ALO Audio Studio Six amp plus extra tubes. Paid $4000 for it plus another couple hundred and other tubes for it. Looking to sell it for $2500. Buyer pays shipping fees. If interested please PM me. Thanks Alex
  9. Auralic Aries (Femto) + SBOOSTER Ultra LPS

    Looking to sell my Auralic Aries (Femto) plus SBOOSTER Ultra Mk I , still in great condition, just need money for something else. Originally paid $1600 for the Aries and $550 for the Sbooster BOTW & Ultra. Thx, Alex
  10. goldendarko

    Comment by 'goldendarko' on listing 'HE1000 V1'

    Hi are you still looking for a pair of HE1000s V1? I was a beta tester and I still have one of the original pairs I am about to list. Let me know if you are still looking. Thx Alex
  11. Audeze LCD-3

    I am looking to sell my Audeze LCD-3 Headphones. The pads are a worn but otherwise they still work great. Buyer pays shipping & I am the original owner also. Thanks!
  12. goldendarko

    Announcing the Launch of the SUSVARA

    I know right... this upward escalation of price gouging needs to stop. $6000 for a pair of headphones, no thanks. How much do the materials even cost to make these things? Will the next flagship be $8000? You're killing this hobby the same way the speaker industry spiraled out of hand in...
  13. goldendarko

    Audeze LCD-4

      No it shouldn't be an issue but I would definitely suggest getting a stand for it in the future, wondering if laying flat on a shelf may cause this warping? Either way definitely contact Audeze about it and see what they say, sorry to see you have to go through something like this with $4000...
  14. goldendarko

    Audeze LCD-4

    Doesn't look too bad so at least you caught it early, have you contacted Audeze about a repair? Also, do you leave them directly on the shelf or do you have a stand for them?
  15. goldendarko

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    Awesome!! Will need to get one for my Andromeda's when I get the next iPhone. Was worrying I would have to sell them since I wouldn't be able to use them anymore once I moved to a phone without a 3.5mm output. You're a life saver Ken!
  16. goldendarko

    Audeze LCD-4

      It may be that it seems like the bass hits harder on the 3 to me because the 4 is such a more expansive headphone. It's kind of like hearing a bass guitar in a club vs. in a concert hall. I don't know, either way I just preferred the 3 so that's what I went with. If I liked the 4 more I...
  17. goldendarko

    Audeze LCD-4

      Yes, in my opinion the bass on the LCD-3 sounds better than the LCD-4. I'm not saying it's a popular opinion or that I'm right, but I'm just calling it how I heard them. If cost were no issue I still would choose the LCD-3 although like I said the LCD-4 is a better all around headphone and...
  18. goldendarko

    Audeze LCD-4

    The Jotunheim works pretty well with it and great value too.
  19. goldendarko

    iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

    Yeah the LCD-4 still scales but there's nothing bad about this pairing. Pretty cool to know you can bring a laptop, the BL and be able to enjoy your LCD-4s when you travel though.
  20. goldendarko

    iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

    Wow what a difference that made lol (no duh). So it can DEFINITELY drive the LCD-4, color me impressed. Still needs the Turbo setting but sounds prettty damn good. Actually make that crazy good for an amp I picked up for $400 bucks. My apologies to iFi for stating that it wasn't capable, that's...
  21. goldendarko

    iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

    Ah you're right sir! IEM match was set to Ultra, thought I had it set to off but maybe it got switched by accident, I'll try again and report back!
  22. goldendarko

    CES 2017: MQA announces TIDAL Masters, and more

    I also use the Jotunheim with my PC and it works great with the TIDAL desktop application which allows you to listen to partially unfolded (24/96) hi res master tracks that are available through TIDAL. Nothing else you need to buy. If you had an MQA DAC you could get the fully unfolded master...