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  1. tjumper78

    The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

    i'm using dx50 with headpico pico (not slim or power) and rs predator.  comparing to dx50's headphone out, using either of those two with its line-out takes the sound quality to another level (i favor pico over predator).     i am listening via sennheiser hd600 and er4p/s.  i really did not...
  2. tjumper78

    DX50 Bug List, Wish List Fix

    havent tried it yet since im at work.  i will try it when i get home later. thank you. 
  3. tjumper78

    DX50 Bug List, Wish List Fix

    thanks guys.  the unit came with 1.2.8 installed.  i inserted the sd card while the unit was on, and it gave me 2 options which were 1.scan 2.browse.  when i choose scan, the "media scanning" window shows and stays that way forever.  i left it like that for over 10 minutes (i only have 15gb of...
  4. tjumper78

    The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

    i just received mine!  unfortunately, it's not working... 
  5. tjumper78

    DX50 Bug List, Wish List Fix

    i just received my dx50.  excited as a pig in poo, i inserted the micro sd card and turned on the unit.  i expected the unit to start scanning the micro sd card as soon as it was powered on but nothing was happening.    when i went to my music -> directory -> and chose SD card.  then the...
  6. tjumper78

    The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

    woohoo! i got the tracking info.  scheduled to arrive tomorrow am.    will the unit come with the original firmware or the latest firmware? 
  7. tjumper78

    The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

    i guess i lucked out.  last week, i found a 64gb micro for $18 with free shipping.  i didnt really know the going prices of these micro sd cards so i ordered just one.  the next day, the price was changed to $45 (or $50. i forget).  i received mine, tested it on my computer and it is fully...
  8. tjumper78

    The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

    i looked everywhere and the best price i saw was on mp4nation.  $260 for dx50 and some earphones + free fedex shipping.  it was a preorder and the website said they would have it in stock on 2/22.  i dont know if they will really have them in stock this week but if they do, im guessing i'll...
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  10. tjumper78

    Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

    i used to have hd650, hd600, dt990 & dt880 in both 250 and 600 ohm, and some grado cans.  of course, i sold them all years ago.  after taking several years off, i made a comeback to the world of headphone/amp-fi world a few months ago.  since i couldnt spend too much money, i purchased a new...
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  12. tjumper78

    Which high-end IEM should I get if I have a wide taste in music?

    havent read all the recommendations posted here but i saw some recommendations for monster turbine pro copper, and i absolutely agree with it. my taste in music only varied in a very few genres when i was using er4p.  when i got my MTPC, i was listening to many other genres like jazz, trance...
  13. tjumper78

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper

    Quote: i just noticed that the paintings on the logos are fading a little bit. even if monster tells me to RMA, i dont think i'll do it as long as the phones are in good shape and sound fine.  at this point, i dont think i can survive without these even for a few days.  very...
  14. tjumper78

    Just Bought ER-4P's ... and I'm Afraid

    i like ety's tri-flanges.  they pained my ears a little bit in the beginning but i got used to it. also, i found that cutting off the smallest flange from the tri-flange tips brought me more comfort, and it also gave me better sq.  not a big fan of olives for ety's since they kinda make the...
  15. tjumper78

    What percent of your non audiophile friends can appreciate your audio gear?

    at least half of my friends' jaws drop when they listen to my rig, and a few of them actually bought some of the stuff that i have. i should be getting commission...
  16. tjumper78

    Cowon D2+ vs. Sony Walkman NWZS545: Need help deciding

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zorrofox What nonsense. +1
  17. tjumper78

    HeadAmp Pico Portable Amp (w/ optional upsampling 24/96 USB DAC) Pre-Order Thread

    omg... i need that leather case asap. i was not happy about pico being slightly smaller than cowon d2 (yes i know, a stupid complaint). with this case, the size of the bundle will be so perfect!
  18. tjumper78

    What do you all do with extra slack from your Headphones and IEM's?

    i usually slide the cable under my outer clothing. only doing it because of less microphonics.
  19. tjumper78

    Big big dilemma , shadow?mustang?predator?pico?

    havent heard shadow and mustang but i did some comparison between pico (non-slim) and predator side by side. i preferred pico's more transparent and detailed sound over predator's slightly darker sound.
  20. tjumper78

    Any Counter-Strike 1.6 Players Here?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MrGreen CS never made sense to me. It's a twitch fps but its extremely slow compared to other FPS games like UT2k4 and Quake 3, not to mention its movement is extremely primitive. Heck, Quake 1 is faster. Why play a skill based game if theres a very low skill...
  21. tjumper78

    Any Counter-Strike 1.6 Players Here?

    to OP, that is a heck of a list you got there! i used to play a lot several years ago. with online plays, my friends and i never got past cal-m but we won some local lan tournies like web2zone, xitram, and ... dang i cant even remember the names of the places now. i eventually quit not...
  22. tjumper78

    Movie: Kick-ass

    watched a cam version (surprisingly decent quality) at a friend's house. it was a lot of fun. i'm going to a movie theater to watch it this week, and i'm pretty sure i'll be buying the DVD in the future as well.
  23. tjumper78

    Has anyone rockbox'ed Cowon D2?

    thanks for the response, guys. i guess it's time to give rockbox a try.
  24. tjumper78

    Mustang Vs Pico?

    i thought pico's mids were amazing. i am shocked to hear that mustang's mids are even better.
  25. tjumper78

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper

    the copper pros are absolutely amazing! since i put about 50 hours of burn-in into the copper pros, my er4p has not gotten any love from me. i still love them but for now, i cant get enough of the copper pros.