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  5. EZPZ


    I had always been under the impression that customer service was excellent from both UE and Massdrop.   However, with the non-response time that just keeps on growing from both companies, I can't say that I've been at all impressed. When a logistical hiccup occurs, and you have passionate...
  6. EZPZ

    CIEM Cable Red/Blue Dot Orientation

    Hey everybody,   Just a quick question. Should the red and blue dots on CIEM cables be facing toward the sky or the floor when connected?   Thanks!
  7. EZPZ

    Ocharaku: Flat-4-Sui. The Sound of Tea.

    Interesting housing design. Looks like it would be difficult (and painful) to get a deep seal though.   How's the comfort?
  8. EZPZ

    Unique Melody not confirming order, should i still send it in?

    I, too, went through Stephen Guo to get my Miracles reshelled by UM. I've been more than impressed with how quickly Stephen gets back to me whenever I have any questions or concerns. Today, in fact, he got back to me within minutes!   Perhaps shoot him another email just in case the first...
  9. EZPZ

    CIEM(s) with CK10-Type Sound Signature?

    Quote:   That is fantastic! I'm glad to hear everything went smoothly and that Hidition's turnaround is surprisingly quicker than I initially assumed it would be. :)   I'll keep this in mind if I ever decided to venture into CIEMs. Do you know what Hidition's warranty policy is...
  10. EZPZ

    beyer t70 & t70p NEW!

    Quote:   Hey kiteki,   Did you notice any differences between them? Also, how did each compare to the T5P you like so much? :)
  11. EZPZ

    AKG K550 - NEW!!

    Has anyone found an effective way to permanently increase clamping force on these guys? That would make me a very happy owner. :)
  12. EZPZ

    Got Ultrasone Signature Pro but there's an anomaly with it that I need your input on before I act

    Have you double-checked to see if you've properly screwed in the detachable cable?
  13. EZPZ

    Phillips Citiscape Downtown better than Uptown?

    I tried both earlier today at Best Buy. I actually preferred the Downtown as well. The Uptown sounded noticeably cavernous.   Also, the Downtown was surprisingly really comfortable, and not to mention, quite stylish IMO.
  14. EZPZ

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Hey MuppetFace,   I know you've spent some time with the Ultrasone Signature Pro and liked how they sounded. How would you compare it to the TH900? What do you find the TH900 does better, and what do you find the Signature Pro does better? Relative differences aside, how alike do they sound...
  15. EZPZ

    A Shure Shootout! SRH-940 vs SRH-1440 vs SRH-1840

    From my experience, if you want an IEM that is strikingly similar to the 940, I'd take a look at the Audio-Technica CK10. :)   High levels of detail retrieval, fantastic instrumental separation, and slight treble emphasis. Like the 940, bass is on the lighter side, but I find it has extremely...
  16. EZPZ


      Quote:   Now this is what I like to hear! I can't wait! :D
  17. EZPZ

    Annoyed with Amazon!

    Sorry to hear about your two consecutive bad experiences with Amazon. I know it can get frustrating, especially when it happens with an order for headphones. We all know how agonizing of a wait it is for new headphones to come in!   Yeah, I've had a similar experience. Bought a messenger bag...
  18. EZPZ


    Hey all,   Been interested in picking these up. However, before I go ahead and do so, could someone who currently owns (or has owned) both the Edition 8 and Signature Pro compare them to one another? Is the Signature Pro clearly the better headphone, or is it a toss up depending on what type...
  19. EZPZ

    CIEM(s) with CK10-Type Sound Signature?

    Been doing a bit of reading on the Heir Audio 4.A, and it looks very promising. As of right now, I'm more inclined to go with the 4.A than any of the other suggestions simply due the lower cost (though in the long long long run, I do see myself owning either the JH13, Hidition NT-6, UERM, or UM...
  20. EZPZ

    CIEM(s) with CK10-Type Sound Signature?

    Thank you guys very much for the various suggestions. :)   The JH13, Hidition NT-6, UERM, and UM Miracle all seem to have most, if not all, of the qualities that I am looking for. Anyone able make comparisons between the four? I would love to be able to gauge the relative magnitude of the...
  21. EZPZ

    CIEM(s) with CK10-Type Sound Signature?

    Hey fellow head-fiers,   I'm looking for a CIEM that has excellent imaging, great extension on both sides of the spectrum, controlled bass, neutral or slightly forward mids, and a nice sparkly treble. Also, an airy presentation and a well rounded 3D soundstage would be ideal.  ...
  22. EZPZ

    My wife is getting me custom IEM's. but which ones?

      Quote: No, I do not ride. I will admit that.   But, please do not tell me that having earplugs in your ears while driving is the same as having customs playing music in your ears as you drive. Earplugs reduce the amount of noise you hear. Customs, with music playing, completely...
  23. EZPZ

    My wife is getting me custom IEM's. but which ones?

    I definitely agree! Not being able to hear anything happening around you while driving is a serious no-no.   Quote:  
  24. EZPZ

    Filing and Shortening ES2 Cable to Fit Triplefi 10

    Hi everyone,   I recently received my pair of Triplefi 10's from Amazon's Goldbox deal and I absolutely cannot stand the extremely rigid stock cable. I have been looking for some alternative replacements and many have suggested the ES2 cable from Westone. The problem, however, is that the...