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  1. Sinwerm

    Power switch help, please. Bravo amp.

    If you have some flux that you can apply to the braid that wil help draw the solder out it helps with the wicking action. The double pole double throw are also are also a bit more complicated than mose think and can be a bear to solder I use them for some guitar things , stacked humbukers into a...
  2. Sinwerm

    My wooden rack

    Pabbi1 do you have any tips for working with the birdseye maple ? I have some on the way Handpick Exotic Wood Online - Bell Forest Products Im just making a small mount for little hand crank musical movement. What did you find worked well finishing wise also ? thanks its nice work btw I would...
  3. Sinwerm

    We Got Ti Kan (AMB) an HD800!

    Paid up sinwerm slot 103 edit (just re-reading the thread ; wow we are an orderly bunch it's nice to see this these days people promise something and stand behind it , im feeling a bit proud of this group of DIYer's) I did not expect anything less.
  4. Sinwerm

    Hornet 'M' or Mini³? - a(nother) review

    Very good point about the gain vorlon1 , mine is the default from AMBs design 5x , with the most he reccomeds being 8x on the website. Listenting to my main phones now (HD-580) dead silent on max volume no noise or hiss. Just did a quick test of the KOSS KCS 75 I have handy (obviously much lower...
  5. Sinwerm

    Hornet 'M' or Mini³? - a(nother) review

    Wonderfull review webbie64. I built a high performance Mini^3 for myself and the sound quality is fantastic (cost for home-built is about 90 usd depending on parts chosen ect...minus the faceplate from AMB which I did opt for). Just a note about the hiss you mention , mine doesnt have any also...
  6. Sinwerm

    Help! Broke my MF X-Can V2!

    Check the power supply as stated by Migroo and mrarroyo. The Jameco is the way to really though , perfect fit no soldering and a boost in power I use it myself Here is the link to the part number and some info about it
  7. Sinwerm

    Custom Pimeta Case *pics*

    I think it's a fine looking case , that and we see so little real wood used in cases these days or for that matter in any reasonably priced products , all plastics and metals (usually cheap). To me it harkens to the americana and amateur art of the past that goes for big money now and that I...
  8. Sinwerm

    The "mod your Zhalou" Thread

    I took the caps out for good tonight and used some scrap 26gauge silver solid core wire I had left over for the LOD I made for my ipod (Mini3 sounds fantastic btw). Im now getting 53mv on the right channel and still about 50mv on the left with the AD board , is that passable ? Im thinking I...
  9. Sinwerm

    Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3: First Impressions

    If your looking for a little "boost" for even more bang for the buck than check out Pink Floyds site if you have not as of yet. It has all things Music Fidelity. A custom made PSU should be available. I have an X-Can V2 with just about all of the mods and it sounds fantastic give it a look...
  10. Sinwerm

    The Mini³ v2 is out!

    Quote: Originally Posted by tomb Hmm ... this exsts for every major design. Most are "officially" supported by the designer over on Headwize. I'm not aware of any major DIY design that's not still completely supported by the designer even today. Most design/build threads are even...
  11. Sinwerm

    The Mini³ v2 is out!

    Fantastic design and the looks are wonderfull in that Hammond case. Been following the "Main" thread at the other site and can't wait for the boards to come to be available. Also gonna sign up for the group buy of custom face-plates. I have most of my problems makeing even spaced plates with DIY...
  12. Sinwerm

    Alps blue velvet from VT4C?

    I have not bought pots from them but the silver wire they sell and the RCA interconnects are very nice. Just be prepared to wait about 10 days or so , at least for me in NY. Also the ordering process is a bit tedious. If you look on the tweaks and pointers page he has a killer 8way braid...
  13. Sinwerm

    Buying a Zhalou DAC from Hong Kong

    I would say let it burn-in with the headphone amp running and a set a phones plugged in , components in the amp also need to burn in. Not sure how the warranty works with eddie since shipping there and back for me would be about 100 USD in any reasonable amount of time hence I did not worry...
  14. Sinwerm

    Buying a Zhalou DAC from Hong Kong

    Glad to hear you like the way the Zhalou sounds. Let it burn in for awhile before you form any opinions of the sound. The blackgates are notorious for a very long burn in cycle and can sound a bit thin at the start. If your not running bit perfect from your on-board sound you should actually see...
  15. Sinwerm

    Buying a Zhalou DAC from Hong Kong

    Never tried the EAX with the Zhaolu no point really it's 2 channel. Just make sure you fully uninstall the the audigy before the X-fi drivers. Really you should be very happy with the DSP in the X-fi for gaming their is none better.
  16. Sinwerm

    The "mod your Zhalou" Thread

    Thank you also for the info on the AD board I have one coming from Eddie in HK this week and will see how it sounds with my D2.0. Mostly ordered it because Im thinking of getting the Orimod and he seems to reccomend the AD board guess I will find out for myself soon.
  17. Sinwerm

    So far my line out sadly sounds better than the Zhaolu D2.5A

    I must agree the LM 4562 brings just about everything to the table you are looking for in sound from the Zhaolu. Also try listening only to the Zhaolu for awhile and not A/B things for now , the burn-in really does take some time in my use of the D2.0c for all things to settle. Actually I found...
  18. Sinwerm

    Thoughts on using Hafler power amp with HD580s?

    I think it would be better just to get his 540s refitted and fixed. Seems the easy solution.
  19. Sinwerm

    Buying a Zhalou DAC from Hong Kong

    I just ordered a new DAC board from Eddie LOL. Not listed on his stock but he has it , an AD board for the D2.0 I have. Gotta love how he stocks up on parts. I would love to go to HK and get it. but.....
  20. Sinwerm

    Thoughts on using Hafler power amp with HD580s?

    How much you figure it is gonna cost to "rig up a little box" to drop the output from the power amp ? If you have the parts and the know how and it sure seems you do I guess not much. The sensitivity of the 580s should be 97dB the max load should be 200mW. I would also suggest you try the DIY...
  21. Sinwerm

    Buying a Zhalou DAC from Hong Kong

    Have him do the DC blocking caps mod. I did not mention this because he most likely will not support the warranty if you roll op-amps and yes it does make a difference in sound (both the DC mod and the op-amp rolling). Is he quoting you prices for a D2.0 or a D2.5 ? I was not aware the 2.5 had...
  22. Sinwerm

    Buying a Zhalou DAC from Hong Kong

    I have orderd from Eddie in HK and yes he is great to deal with just very busy. Have you thought of having him do the mods you want and just have it picked up when your family arrives ? Try his email again if he does not give a fast reply (he usually responds in a about 6 hours) ask him to...
  23. Sinwerm

    so who's rockin the HeadFive?

    Still have SN 129 bought from the pre-order. Really a fantastic amp for the money , well built and solid as a stone , crossfeed , good quality parts. Since though I have gotten a used MF X-CAN V2 and it is fantastic with the HD-580. So im saving the Headfive for when my grado fetish hits.
  24. Sinwerm

    My turntable acts like a tiny speaker...

    This is a cool thread !! Im a digital guy (now) but I remember as a kid putting my ear very close to the turntable and hearing that tinny high sound emitting. Made me think wow they really captured each sound of live music vibrations and cut/pressed them into a record. So pure , I miss that...
  25. Sinwerm

    Wow, didn't know Bose was that bad!

    Not a bose basher or a fan. Heard some of the home theatre set-ups not very impressive and seemed overpriced. What I can't figure out is why they don't publish any specs other than watts (is this still the case ?). Not what would be expected from a "high end" audio producer. I just remember the...